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River Trent

The river Trent is one of the major rivers of England. At 185 miles long, it is the third longest river in the United Kingdom (after the Thames and Severn), it flows from the Biddulph area of Staffordshire, through Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, before merging with the River Ouse to form the Humber.

The significant settlements that the Trent flows through (or near to) include Burton on Trent, Nottingham, Newark, and Scunthorpe.

The river drains a vast area of the north Midlands, with help from many smaller tributaries. Some of the major ones are detailed below:

River Derwent - One of the longer tributaries of the Trent, the Derwent is approximately 50 miles long, and flows from just east of Glossop, through the Derbyshire Dales and on to Derby before joining the Trent at Sharlow. In the Industrial Revolution, the Derwent was very important for powering the mills, evidence of this can be seen around Matlock, where several mills were built in close proximity.

River Idle - The River Idle is a tributary running west from the Trent at West Stockwith (where a large tidal barrier can be seen). The Idle runs west and south through Nottinghamshire, before splitting near Markham Moor to form the Meden (which runs to Warsop) and the Maun (which runs to Mansfield). Much of the Idle was navigable in early times, but has seen little traffic since the Chesterfield Canal was built, which serves the old port of Bawtry.

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