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Route From To Length
E01 Larne Rosslare Harbour 375 km View
E05 Greenock Southampton 454 miles View
E100 Derry Edinburgh View
E13 Doncaster Staples Corner 144 miles View
E15 Inverness Dover 640 miles View
E16 Derry Edinburgh 108.3 miles View
E20 Shannon Hull 412 miles View
E200 Portlaoise Cork 166 miles View
E201 Port Laoise (SW) Cork 147.4 km View
E22 Holyhead Immingham 226 miles View
E24 Coleshill Ipswich 140 miles View
E28 Birmingham Ipswich View
E30 Cork Felixstowe 541.2 miles View
E32 Colchester Harwich 19 miles View
M7 Budapest A4 145 miles View 


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