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Charing Cross (Alderholt)

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Charing Cross
Location Map
Road junction, Charing Cross - Geograph - 2008534.jpg
fingerpost at the junction
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Highway Authority
Dorset CC
Junction Type
Roads Joined
Junctions related to the B3078
Bonfire Hill • Lake Gates Roundabout • Presseys Corner
This article is about Charing Cross in Alderholt, Dorset.
For other junctions named Charing Cross, see Charing Cross
close-up of the fingerpost dial
Charing Cross is a minor junction on the B3078 in Alderholt, Dorset. At the junction there is a traditional Dorset fingerpost dial on top of modern signage.


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Cripplestyle; Cranborne; Verwood

Charing Cross (Alderholt)
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Alderholt- Charing Cross signpost detail - Geograph - 1741250.jpgRoad junction, Charing Cross - Geograph - 2008534.jpg
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