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Chichley Hill Roundabout

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Chichley Hill Roundabout
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Highway Authority
Milton Keynes
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A422, A509
Junctions related to the A422
Junctions related to the A509

Chichley Hill Roundabout is a roundabout on the Newport Pagnell bypass.


Original proposal in blue

In the original plans for the Newport Pagnell bypass from the early 1970's, this junction was planned to be a fork junction with the bypass taking a closer line to the town and passing Sherington to the west. However the road was built further east as a single carriageway with room to upgrade at a later date. The fork was replaced in the plans with two roundabouts, staggered, so that the junction could form a dumbbell if and when the A509 was upgraded. When the road to the south was dualled, the two roundabouts were turned into one, and a flare added to allow grade separation if the road to the north was upgraded.

An earlier proposal from 1969 shows a slightly different layout for the junction in the form of a symmetric Y.


Route To Notes


Wellingboro', Olney, Emberton


Motorway M1, Milton Keynes, Buckingham (A422), Newport Pagnell South


Bedford, Chicheley, Astwood


Newport Pagnell Town Centre, Sherington

Chichley Hill Roundabout
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Chichley Hill Roundabout original proposal.png

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