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Craiglinn Roundabout

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Craiglinn Roundabout
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North Lanarkshire
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Junctions related to the B802
Junctions related to the B8048

Craiglinn Roundabout is a large 5-arm junction to the west of Cumbernauld where the B802 and B8048 meet. The roundabout was probably built in the 1980s as the new town expanded on the north side of the motorway, and includes three pedestrian underpasses meeting in the large area of parkland in the middle. The B8048 approaches from the north west and continues as a dual carriageway to the south east, quickly connecting with the A73 and M80, with an apparently unclassified link on to the A8011 as well. The B802, meanwhile departs to the south west along Westfield Road. Until recently it definitely also approached from the north, but it seems that the council are in the process of downgrading this route in favour of the Croy 'bypass' to the west, resulting in a multiplex between the B802 and B8048 westwards to Blackwood Roundabout. The fifth arm is Ardgoil Drive, which heads west to the Broadwood Campus and Stadium complex, home to Clyde FC.


The current roundabout replaces an old staggered crossroads which lay a short distance to the west. The B8048 has only been realigned through the actual site of the roundabout, but the A802 used to run further west. To the north its old line largely survives as the residential 'Craiglinn', but to the south it has been completely redeveloped as a retail park.


Route To Notes


Kilsyth, Croy possibly downgraded


Condorrat, Westfield


Kirkintilloch, Blackwood, Smithstone


Glasgow, Stirling, Town Centre (A8011)
Broadwood, Stadium

Craiglinn Roundabout
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