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Cumbernauld Village Junction

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Cumbernauld Village Junction
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Cumbernauld Village Junction is a Trumpet Junction on the A8011 in the new town of Cumbernauld, it is extremely close to Old Inns Junction on the M80, sliproads for the two junctions almost branching off of each other. Unlike the other Grade Separated Junctions on the A8011, this one was not built with the road, but added later. It serves the original village of Cumbernauld, which has been absorbed into the new town to the south west.

The A8011 at this point was originally the A73, and remained as such for a number of years, even as the new town developed. Further south, the old A73 was completely rebuilt with sections dualled, so that by 1974 most of the current layout was in place. However, the junction for Cumbernauld village remained largely unchanged, and old maps suggest that the A8011 remained a single carriageway from Old Inns Junction south pas the village. At that time the village junction was a simple T junction at the end of Main Street, with Old Glasgow Road (the original line of the A80) also joining from the south west. The village war memorial stood opposite the junction, in front of a bowling green, all now gone. This junction is now largely closed up. Old Glasgow Road is completely closed off, and only accessed through the village, while Main Street only has an exit onto the A8011, and that onto the off slip for the main junction.

The Trumpet Junction was built when the A8011 was dualled, probably in the late 1970s. The A8011 sliproads curve round and pass under the dual carriageway, where they are met by the eastbound slips. There is also a small turning lane providing a U turn from Eastbound to westbound carriageways for A8011 traffic. This is provided as access for Cumbernauld Theatre which can only be reached from the westbound carriageway at a LILO junction approximately 150m further west.


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Cumbernauld Village Junction
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