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Dale Hill Junction

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Dale Hill Junction
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Highway Authority
Highways England
Junction Type
Modified Fork
Roads Joined
A23, A281
Junctions related to the A281

Dale Hill junctions connects the A23 to the A281. It provides three way access, only omitting southbound exit, which can be achieved by coming off at the next junction and heading back up the A23, in total 1KM.


This area has seen many changes to the alignment and junctions and will refer to an extra junction at Newtimber which was used for some access, but between Newtimber and Dale Hill there is also a diamond junction for a local quarry. Its all a bit complicated.

Pre 1930s

The A23 twists around the South Downs with the A281 coming in from the West at a similar angle as the A23. This was likely used almost exclusively for to/from the south and going to/from the north people would use the Newtimber junction to the North, which would be shorter and has a near 90 degree entry/exit from the A23.


The A281 is made to be more direct and a service station has been opened between the two ends of the A281. It also appears that the A23 has been widened, but not dualed which may allow better northern access. Newtimber remains the same.


Junction isn't changed but the A23 from the junction to the north is dualed for 2 KMs. Newtimber has full access at street level.


The A23 is dualed to D2 just beyond the junction as it arrives in Pyecombe. The junction hasn't changed a large amount, just access heading northbound has been improved and appears to have full access, however getting on or off southbound looks challenging.


At New Timber the A23 was realigned to make it straighter, this includes altering the alignment and level at Newtimber meaning that they had to close the access at Newtimber. Between Newtimber and Dale Hill a new diamond junction was created with the A23 being raised on an embankment over the dumbbell. This junction is hardly used and is built for access for to a chalk quarry but it also provides access to a few residential properties. The Dale Hill junction also saw a few changes. For southbound access a flyover was built giving one way traffic from the A281 to the A23. Northbound remains similar, but getting on the A23 going Northbound is still dangerous with extremely short slip roads, intrestanly the exit from the petrol station gives you a longer slip road than the one at the end of the A281.


There is likely to be changes to the on-slip due to its short length, there is plenty of room one to be made. In the event that the M23 goes to Brighton it require heavy changes. The junction for the A281 and A273 would be combined and potentially the A23 could take a new route in a tunnel though the South Downs.


Route To Notes


London, Crawley, Gatwick Airport





Dale Hill Junction
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