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Dorset/Traditional Fingerpost Junctions

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Dorset Traditional Fingerpost Junctions
Sixpenny Handley (6 old pence) - Coppermine - 17424.jpg
Fingerpost at Sixpenny Handley
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At many junctions within Dorset, and prior to any national standardisation or signing scheme, fingerpost direction signs were erected to aid navigation. These were mainly coloured white (although some red variants exist), and directed road users to nearby localities with distances.

The fingerposts in Dorset had another design feature - that of a roundal (or dial) with the name of the junction and grid reference.

Many of these still surive - this is a list of those which still survive.

Name Location Roads Type
Hell Corner Melbury Bubb unclassified T-Junction
Red Post (Winterborne Tomson) Winterborne Tomson A31 Crossroads
Red Post (Poyntington) Poyntington B3145 T junction
Red Post (Benville) Benville triange junction
Sadborow Sadborow unclassified T-Junction
Moorside Moorside unclassified T-Junction
Sixpenny Handley Sixpenny Handley B3081 T-Junction
God's Blessing Green Holt, Wimborne Minster unclassified T-Junction
Bonfire Hill Alderholt B3078 T-Junction
Cuckoo Hill Yetminster unclassified triangle junction
Blaneys Corner Lytchett Matravers unclassified T-Junction
Higher Cross Lytchett Matravers unclassified Crossroads
Cock and Bottle East Morden B3075 Crossroads
Two Gates Eggardon Hill unclassified T-Junction
Steepleton Pond Winterbourne Steepleton B3159 Staggered Crossroads
Charminster Cross Charminster A352 Crossroads
Cattistock Halt Cattistock Crossroads
Whitehall Tollerford, Maiden Newton A356 Crossroads
Quarr Cross Quarr unclassified Crossroads
Presseys Corner Alderholt B3078 Crossroads
Jubilee Cross Corfe Mullen A350 Crossroads
Brownes Corner Frampton A356 T Junction
Buckland Ripers Buckland Ripers T Junction
White Post Gate Oborne B3145 Crossroads
Three Legged Cross Three Legged Cross B3072 Staggered crossroads
Throop Clump Throop unclassified Crossroads
Woodlands Cross Woodlands unclassified Crossroads
Slaughtergate Gillingham unclassified T junction
Amen Corner Gussage All Saints unclassified Crossroads
Ton Bridge Gussage All Saints unclassified T Junction
Tenantrees West Knighton unclassified T Junction
Hell Corner (Chalbury) Chalbury unclassified T-Junction
Horseshoes Holt unclassified Crossroads
Brake Cross Iwerne Courtney unclassified Crossroads
The Stocks (Edmondsham) Edmondsham unclassified T-Junction
Stocks Cross Colehill/Furzehill unclassified Crossroads
Charing Cross (Alderholt) Alderholt B3078 T-Junction
Durweston Cross Durweston A357 Crossroads
Finger Corner Marnhull unclassified Crossroads
Park Corner Morden A35, B3075 Off Set Give Way Crossroads
Newton Cross Sturminster Marshall A350 Crossroads
Shearings Cross Thorncombe unclassified T-Junction
Bernard's Place Broadwindsor B3162, B3164 Crossroads
Sand Pits Drimpton B3162 T Junction and Crossroads
Lamb House Farm Shillingstone A357 T Junction
Cross Lanes Melcombe Bingham Crossorads
Bailie Cross Sturminster Marshall A350 Crossroads


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