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Dulsie Bridge

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Dulsie Bridge
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From:  Dava
To:  Cawdor
Highway Authority
Opening Date
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Bridge Type:  Arch Bridge
Engineer:  Major William Caulfeild
Dulsie Bridge

Dulsie Bridge was built in 1755 by Major Caulfeild across the River Findhorn. It is an impressive structure spanning a dramatic deep gorge, and it is quite amazing to consider that it is over 250 years old. The bridge consists of 2 arches, one spanning the gorge section and a smaller one to the north apparently sitting high and dry on the river bank. However, there are reports of the river rising roughly 40 feet and almost filling both arches after severe heavy rain.

The main arch across the river seems to spring from a cliff, but careful examination, albeit from a distance, shows that a groove has been cut into the cliff, over a natural protrusion which gave the best site. On the opposite bank, a useful rocky outcrop provided plenty of room for the central pier, with the second, lower arch spanning a small grassy plateau. This gives the impression that the arch is only there to reduce the amount of masonry used! The road then curves around, and climbs a little as it is built up behind a substantial retaining wall to find higher ground a little further on. Both the central pier and retaining wall have substantial buttresses to support them, and presumably these have ensured the structures survival in previous flood conditions.

The roadway across the bridge is single track, without pavements, and only low parapets to the sides. It also slopes down from the top of the cliff across the larger arch, with the gradient easing over the smaller arch. On the south side, at the top of the cliff, the roadway seems to be cut down into the rock a little, and just behind this is a small parking layby and picnic site with a path around to a viewpoint. Unfortunately, trees in the gorge now obscure the full view of the bridge from this side.

Dulsie Bridge
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