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Primary Destinations
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Gretna • Lockerbie • Moffat
Current Highway Authorities
Dumfries & Galloway
Ayrshire • Cumberland • Kirkcudbrightshire • Peeblesshire • Roxburghshire • Selkirkshire
Transport Scotland Roads
A7 • A75 • A76 • A701

Dumfriesshire is a traditional county in the south of Scotland. It is the largest of the three counties now served by Dumfries and Galloway Council and also larger than any of the Border counties. It's county town of Dumfries grew up on the east bank of the River Nith, which is also the county boundary, so nearly half of the modern town lies in neighbouring Kirkcudbrightshire.

Geography & Economy

The B797 climbing to Wanlockhead

Stretching from the vast beaches and sand flats of the Nith Estuary to the hills above Moffat, the county has a diverse landscape. Being closer to the main north south routes means that the county was more prosperous than some of its neighbours, and gained both from passing trade and also direct access to the cities both in Scotland and northern England. With good farmland in the south, a food industry grew into a series of surviving businesses in the area, whilst the woolen industry saw the Edinburgh Woolen Mill founded at Langholm in the east of the county.

Today there is limited tourism along the coast, but most surrounds the world famous Gretna Green, and the hills and valleys of the more rural parts of the county, which are easily accessible from the motorway. The upland moors have proven ideal for Wind Farms, and vast forestry plantations cover the lower slopes. Munitions factories near the border provided a lot of work around the war, but have not left a lasting legacy, although there are still some heavy industries around Dumfries and Lockerbie.


A new section of the A76

The south west of the county has a good network of A, B and unclassified roads, but the more rural upland areas have fewer roads, following the glens and valleys through the hills. Many of these roads, such as the A708 out of Moffat or the B797 to Wanlockhead are fantastic drives, through magnificent scenery, even if they do cross the county boundary at the watershed! The motorway is the most important route in the county, crossing from north to south as it travels between Glasgow and England. It follows a route which has existed for centuries, and was largely rebuilt by Thomas Telford two centuries ago. The A7 has not enjoyed the same benefits as the main route to Edinburgh.

Most non-trunk roads within the traditional county are maintained by Dumfries & Galloway. The trunk roads which are the A7, A75, A76, A701 and Motorway are managed by Transport Scotland.

Route From To Length
A7 Edinburgh Carlisle 94.3 miles View
A701 Dumfries Edinburgh 71.6 miles View
A702 Edinburgh St John's Town of Dalry 83 miles View
A708 Moffat Selkirk 33.4 miles View
A709 Dumfries Lockerbie 12.1 miles View
A74(M) Abington Gretna 48.5 miles View
A75 Gretna Stranraer 95.8 miles View
A752 Kaimrig End Moffat 26.5 miles View
A756 Dumfries (E) Troqueer 1.3 miles View
A76 Kilmarnock Maxwelltown 56.2 miles View
A780 Summerhill Solway Gate 3.9 miles View
A781 English Street, Dumfries New Bridge, Dumfries 0.62 miles View
B6318 Heddon-on-the-Wall Langholm 61.4 miles View
B6357 Annan Lintalee 49.5 miles View
B7020 Beattock (S) Cummertrees 22.1 miles View
B7068 Lockerbie Langholm 18.9 miles View
B7076 Gretna Elvanfoot 44.5 miles View
B709 Heriot Langholm 57.6 miles View
B713 Kaimrig End Moffat 26.5 miles View
B719 Gardenholm Greenhillstairs 2.9 miles View
B720 Greenrigg Hollows 1.5 miles View
B7201 Woodslee Canonbie 1.8 miles View
B721 Annan Gretna 9.5 miles View
B722 Annan Fallford 11.4 miles View
B723 Annan Eskdalemuir 23.9 miles View
B724 Collin Annan 12.8 miles View
B724 Dalton Bowhouse 11.7 miles View
B725 Dumfries Waterbeck 29.8 miles View
B726 Nith Bank Kingholm Quay 1.2 miles View
B729 Holywood Carsphairn 28.8 miles View
B730 Thornhill St John's Town of Dalry 21.1 miles View
B731 Cample Bridge Thornhill (W) 1.2 miles View
B732 Langmyre Mains Thornhill 0.6 miles View
B740 Crawick Thirstone 13.7 miles View
B797 Mennock Abington 14.8 miles View
Borders Historic Route Edinburgh border nr Carlisle 95 miles View
C100a Kilbrook Gateside 2.3 miles View
C101a Ellerlee Wamphray 0.5 miles View
C102a Boreland Wamphray 4.9 miles View
C103a Beattock Woodfoot 1.3 miles View
C104a Hunterheck Drumcrieff 1.3 miles View
C105a Beattock Interchange Davie's Brae 1.7 miles View
C106a Beattock Bypass Beattock 0.4 miles View
C110n Glengower Irongray 2.4 miles View
C111n Nether Gribton Dunscore 6.7 miles View
C112n Newbridge Milton 8.6 miles View
C113n Burnhead Throughgate 3.3 miles View
C114n Auldgirth Merkland 1.4 miles View
C116n Moniaive Kenmore 7.8 miles View
C117n Craigneston Shankfoot Bridge 0.1 miles View
C118n Shancastle Maxwellton .8 miles View
C119n Clonehead Camling 3.4 miles View
C11n Heathhall Auldgirth 7.5 miles View
C125n Kirkconnel Cairnhall 24.3 miles View
C126n Burnhead Kier 1.7 miles View
C127n Auchenbainzie Ballaggan 4.3 miles View
C128n Glasgow Road Blackaddie Bridge 0.3 miles View
C129n Main Street Greystone Avenue 0.5 miles View
C12n Dumfries Bankend 5.3 miles View
C130n High Street Glasgow Road 0.5 miles View
C131n Enterkinfoot Durisdeer 2.3 miles View
C132n Drumcruilton Durisdeermill 2 miles View
C133n Drumlanrig Holestane 0.9 miles View
C134n Thornhill Thornhill Station 1.6 miles View
C135n Thornhill Closeburn 3.5 miles View
C136n Newbridge Kilness 0.6 miles View
C140a Ecclefechan Mein Water 0.4 miles View
C141a Springfield English Border 0.8 miles View
C142a Gretna Motorway 0.2 miles View
C143a Dumfries Road Glasgow Road 1.3 miles View
C15n Breconrae Shieldhill 7 miles View
C16n Lanegate Dalfibble 2.4 miles View
C17a Lochmaben Broomrigg 0.7 miles View
C17n Shieldhill Lochmaben 2.7 miles View
C18n Fulton Shieldhill 1.8 miles View
C19a Sandyholm Cumrue 3.4 miles View
C19n Parkgate Templand 4.4 miles View
C200n Edinburgh Road Marchfield Place 0.1 miles View
C201n Edinburgh Road Lockerbie Road 0.6 miles View
C202n Whitesands St Michaels Bridge Road 0.1 miles View
C203n Queensberry Street Lovers Walk 0.3 miles View
C204n Edinburgh Road St Mary's Street 0.3 miles View
C205n Lockerbie Road Annan Road 0.2 miles View
C206n St Michael Street Georgetown Road 0.9 miles View
C207n Gillbrae Road Georgetown Road 0.7 miles View
C208n Annan Road Calside Road 0.9 miles View
C20n Parkgate Camleys 2.5 miles View
C21a Lochmaben Elshieshields Bridge 1.6 miles View
C21n Over Garrel Elsieshields 4.3 miles View
C22a Bruce Street Queen Street 0.3 miles View
C23a Kinnel Bridge Millhousebridge 1.2 miles View
C24a Lochmaben Burnbank 1.3 miles View
C25a Smallholmbank Blackrig 4.2 miles View
C26a Priestdykes Hightae 2.1 miles View
C27n Glencaple Bankend 1.6 miles View
C29n Brownrigg Gateside 0.7 miles View
C2n Knowhead Kirkton 0.7 miles View
C30a Dalton Birset 2.8 miles View
C30n Breconrae Birset 1.2 miles View
C31n Townhead Mouswald 0.7 miles View
C32a Kelhead Glen Burn 1.2 miles View
C32n Clarencefield Glen Burn 3.1 miles View
C33a Hoddom Cummertrees 4.4 miles View
C33n Main Street Kello Bridge 1.1 miles View
C34a Barrasgate Powfoot 0.8 miles View
C35a Croftheads Newbie 1.3 miles View
C36a High Street Harbour 0.7 miles View
C37a Annan Waterfoot 1 mile View
C37n Dunscore Lettrick 5.5 miles View
C38a High Street Waterfoot Road 0.9 miles View
C39a Annan Battlehill 1.5 miles View
C3n Brickfield Duncow 3.1 miles View
C40a Annan Road Annan Road 0.9 miles View
C41a Annan Road The Ridge 0.3 miles View
C42a Eastgill Northfield 1.2 miles View
C43a Eastriggs Creca 3.3 miles View
C44a West Bretton Blackyett 3.9 miles View
C45a Hollee Bonshawside 3.2 miles View
C46a Bonshawside Kirtlebridge 1 mile View
C47a Kirtlebridge Bypass Kirtlebridge 0.5 miles View
C47n New Bridge Terregles 1.7 miles View
C48a Rigg Kirkpatrick Fleming 2.2 miles View
C49a Ladyfield Eaglesfield Interchange 5.2 miles View
C4n Locharbriggs Ae 6.3 miles View
C50a Annan Brydekirk 2.4 miles View
C51a Ecclefechan Landheads 3.8 miles View
C52a Knockhill Hoddom Cross 1.2 miles View
C53a West End Village Hall 0.4 miles View
C5n Locharbriggs Knowehead 0.5 miles View
C60a Bankshill Eaglesfield 5.6 miles View
C61a Waterbeck Carruthers 2.6 miles View
C62a Eaglesfield Burnfoot 1 mile View
C63a Langshaw Kerr 8.7 miles View
C64a Linnbridgeford Kennedys Corner 2 miles View
C65a Gretna Kennedys Corner 6.9 miles View
C66a Milligansbushfield English Border 1.8 miles View
C67a Annan Road Crossways Roundabout 1.4 miles View
C68a Glasgow Road Empire Way 0.8 miles View
C69a Victory Avenue Empire Way 0.5 miles View
C6n Ae Bridge Park 10.5 miles View
C70a Bloch Mossknowe 4.5 miles View
C71a Mossknowe Broadmeadows 0.7 miles View
C72a Canonbie Claygate 1.6 miles View
C75a Charles Street Henry Street 0.2 miles View
C76a Langholm Council Boundary 5.2 miles View
C77a Fiddleton Council Boundary 3.4 miles View
C78a Sorbie Burnfoot 3.1 miles View
C79a Enzieholm Bridge Eskdalemuir 7.7 miles View
C7n Dargavel Locharbriggs 2.3 miles View
C80a Bailliehill Paddockhole 5.1 miles View
C81a Paddockhole Boreland 6.6 miles View
C82a Stobahill Gillenbie 1.9 miles View
C83a Lockerbie Corrie Common 5.8 miles View
C84a Castlehill Craighouse 2.4 miles View
C85a Rosebank Broomhills 0.9 miles View
C86a Scroggs Castlemilkgates 2.3 miles View
C8n Collin Locharbriggs 4.8 miles View
C90a Castlemilk Birkshaw 2.7 miles View
C91a Dormont Millhousebridge 8 miles View
C92a Lockerbie Daltonhook 2.8 miles View
C93a Highlaw Roberthill 1.9 miles View
C94a Arthurs Place Townhead Street 0.5 miles View
C95a Millhousebridge Muirhousehead 1.1 miles View
C97a Muirhousehead Claydaubing Bridge 2.5 miles View
C98a St Anns Bridge Johnstonebridge 2.6 miles View
C99a Moffat Dinwoodie 10 miles View
C9n Torthorwald Amisfield 4.7 miles View
E05 Greenock Southampton 454 miles View
E110 Newcastle Stranraer 166 miles View
E18 Craigavon Newcastle 248 miles View
E31 London Glasgow 405 miles View
E33 London Glasgow 405 miles View
Galloway Tourist Route Gretna Green Ayr 96 miles View
NCN7 Sunderland Culloden Moor View
Solway Coast Heritage Trail Annan Stranraer 180 miles View
T12 London Inverness View
T26 Carlisle Edinburgh View
T28 Gretna Stirling View
T87 Dumfries Beattock View
T88 Dumfries Kilmarnock View 


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Non Primary Route
Former Motorway
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E Road
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Roman Road
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National Cycle Network
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PlacesAnnan • Lockerbie
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