East Lothian

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East Lothian
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Other Important Destinations
Dunbar • Haddington
Current Highway Authorities
East Lothian Council
Berwickshire • Midlothian
Transport Scotland Roads
A1, A68
This article is about the County.
For the Highway Authority, see East Lothian Council

East Lothian is also known as Haddingtonshire after its county town. It is a traditional county on the eastern fringe of the central belt of Scotland, to the east of Edinburgh. The county is mostly served by East Lothian Council.

Geography & Economy

The B1348 on the coast at Port Seton

The county has a long, rugged coastline with sandy bays interspersed with dramatic cliffs, occasionally topped by ruinous castles. Towns and villages, many of which are old fishing ports, line the coast every so often, but the only substantial inland settlement is the county town of Haddington. To the south, the county is hillier with forestry and upland moors taking over from the more fertile farmland near the coast.

The presence of Edinburgh just a few miles to the west of the county has long influenced East Lothians economy, and many of the towns now serve as commuter belt to the capital. Tourism is important to the county, which is marketed as Scotland's Golf Coast, but has many other attractions from the picturesque old harbours to the walking country in the south.


The former A1 at Gladsmuir

The most important route in the county is the east-west A1 heading into Edinburgh, but there is also a good network of A and B roads serving the coastal towns, with B roads heading south into the hills. The road network is, as may be expected, denser closer to the capital, but the population is also more concentrated at the western end of the county.

The A1 has seen a lot of upgrades over the last couple of decades, improving a lot of the route to dual carriageway. However, it is not completed and whilst plans exist to dual the remainder of the route to Newcastle upon Tyne, they are not complete and little progress seems likely in the near future. Most non-trunk roads within the traditional county are maintained by East Lothian Council. The trunk roads, which are the A1 and A68 are managed by Transport Scotland.

Route From To Length
A1087 Beltonford Broxburn 4.5 miles View
A198 Tyninghame Tranent Bypass 22.7 miles View
A199 Leith Thistly Cross 26.2 miles View
A6093 Fordel Haddington 10.6 miles View
A6137 Aberlady Haddington 5.0 miles View
B1343 Haddington(N) East Fortune(W) 4.0 miles View
B1345 Drem Dirleton 3.6 miles View
B1345 Broxburn Beltonford 3.8 miles View
B1346 Dunbar Road Dirleton Avenue 1.0 mile View
B1347 Haddington(E) North Berwick 7.1 miles View
B1348 Musselburgh Longniddry 5.9 miles View
B1349 Doocot Place High Street 0.5 miles View
B1361 Wallyford Tranent(N) 2.7 miles View
B1377 Longniddry East Linton By Pass 11.3 miles View
B1407 Tyninghame East Linton 2.2 miles View
B1408 Gladsmuir Longniddry 1.8 miles View
B6355 Tranent Eyemouth 42.0 miles View
B6363 Longniddry New Town 4.6 miles View
B6367 Middleton Mains Oxenfoord Mains 7.0 miles View
B6368 Haddington Crookston 17.3 miles View
B6369 Gifford Haddington 4.1 miles View
B6370 Gifford Thistly Cross 9.3 miles View
B6371 Cockenzie Humbie 10.7 miles View
B6414 Dalkeith Tranent 5.8 miles View
B6457 Fala Humbie 1.3 miles View
B6471 Oaktree Junction Haddington 1.3 miles View
C100 Danskine Garvald 2.3 miles View
C101 Coulston Garvald 2.9 miles View
C102 Morham Biel 4.9 miles View
C103 Whiteadder Reservoir Garvald 4.8 miles View
C104 Garvald Grange Garvald 0.4 miles View
C105 Quarrypits Traprain 3.8 miles View
C106 Drem Haddington 2.6 miles View
C107 Dirleton Kingston 1.2 miles View
C108 Luffness Luffness Mains 0.7 miles View
C109 Aberlady Luffness 1.2 miles View
C110 Luffness Kingston 4 miles View
C111 Gullane West Fenton 0.9 miles View
C112 Ugstonrigg Blackmains 1.7 miles View
C113 Bolton Coulston 0.9 miles View
C114 Roseberry Place Marine Terrace 0.3 miles View
C115 0.2 miles View
C116 Athelstaneford Gilmerton 0.5 miles View
C117 Polwarth Terrace Gardiner Road 0.05 miles View
C118 Erskine Road Marine Terrace 0.05 miles View
C119 Erskine Road Marine Terrace 0.05 miles View
C120 Bilsdean Oldhamstocks 1.9 miles View
C121 Innerwick Council Boundary 4.6 miles View
C122 Innerwick 0.8 miles View
C123 Innerwick The Brunt 1.5 miles View
C124 Torness Innerwick 1.1 miles View
C125 North of Innerwick Innerwick 0.7 miles View
C126 Spott The Brunt 1.9 miles View
C127 Dunbar Spott 2.1 miles View
C128 Pitcox East of Pitcox 0.6 miles View
C129 Pitcox Spott 1.7 miles View
C130 East Linton Wittinghame 2.3 miles View
C131 Stenton Knowes 1.6 miles View
C132 East Linton Stenton 2.3 miles View
C133 Wanside Rig Council Boundary 2.5 miles View
C134 Jagg Waughton 0.8 miles View
C135 Highfield Leuchie 1.1 miles View
C136 North Berwick Whitekirk 3.1 miles View
C137 Congalton Craigmore Wood 1.9 miles View
C138 Leuchie Blackdykes 1.3 miles View
C139 Auldhame Blackdykes 0.7 miles View
C140 East Loan Edinburgh Road 0.3 miles View
C141 Gardiner Terrace Preston Road 0.2 miles View
C142 East Loan Polwarth Terrace 0.3 miles View
C143 East Loan Preston Road 0.1 miles View
C144 Gardiner Road Schaw Road 0.1 miles View
C145 Marine Road Sandy Loan .1 miles View
C146 West Port Bellhaven Road 0.7 miles View
C147 Bellhaven Road Abbey Road 0.9 miles View
C148 Westgate Quality Street 0.6 miles View
C149 Quality Street Harbour Terrace 0.1 miles View
C150 High Street Beach Road 0.05 miles View
C151 Victoria Road Quadrant 0.3 miles View
C152 East Road Melbourne Road 0.1 miles View
C153 Edinburgh Road Links Road 0.5 miles View
C154 Haldane Avenue Station Road 0.5 miles View
C155 Haddington Road Ormiston Road 0.2 miles View
C156 Edinburgh Road Elphinstone Road 0.05 miles View
C157 Haddington Bypass Dunbar Road 0.05 miles View
C65 Haddington Monkrigg 1.3 miles View
C66 Poldrate Gifford Road 0.3 miles View
C67 Peaston Begbie 4.9 miles View
C68 Haddington Papple Bridge 5.2 miles View
C69 Gladsmuir Samuelston 2.2 miles View
C70 Seton Port Seton 0.8 miles View
C71 Elphinstone Buxley 1 mile View
C72 Buxley New Winton 0.6 miles View
C73 High Street Station Road 0.7 miles View
C74 High Street Mid Road 0.3 miles View
C76 St Germains Huntington 4.1 miles View
C77 Gatefoot Huntington 0.4 miles View
C78 Spittal Coates 1.1 miles View
C79 Eskview Terrace Musselburgh Station 0.4 miles View
C80 Pencaitland Lempockwells 1.1 miles View
C81 Pencaitland Huntlaw 1.3 miles View
C82 East Saltoun Petersmuir 1.2 miles View
C83 East Saltoun West Saltoun 0.9 miles View
C84 Templehall West Saltoun 2.7 miles View
C85 Musselburgh Whitecraig 0.8 miles View
C86 Humbie Kidlaw 2.7 miles View
C87 Humbie Pogbie 0.9 miles View
C88 Humbie Pogbie Farm 1.4 miles View
C89 Bridge Street Campie Road 0.4 miles View
C90 High Street Pinkie Road 0.2 miles View
C91 Mall Avenue Dalrymple Loan 0.2 miles View
C92 Petersmuir Longyester 4.2 miles View
C94 North High Street New Street 0.1 miles View
C95 Bolton Inglisfield 0.9 miles View
C96 Bolton Begbie 1 mile View
C97 Gifford Longyester 1.6 miles View
C98 Longyester West Hopes 1.7 miles View
C99 Danskine Longyester 2.1 miles View
E15 Inverness Dover 640 miles View
E31 London Glasgow 446 miles View
E32 Abington Perth 81.2 miles View
Coastal Trail Little Pinkerton Musselburgh 31 miles View
Hillfoots Trail South Belton Levenhall Links 27 miles View
Saltire Trail Beltonford Roundabout Levenhall Links 27 miles View
76 Berwick upon Tweed Stirling and Kirkcaldy View
T1 London Scrabster View
T86 Newcastle Edinburgh View 


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Roman Road
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East Lothian
SectionsA1/Dunbar - Musselburgh
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