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Eleco Lighting

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Eleco Lighting
Eleco GR150 on S&L column on Canterbury Road - Coppermine - 20988.JPG
An Eleco GR150 on the A28 near Margate - once a popular installation on main roads.
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Years Manufactured:  1905 - 1980
Type:  SON
Models:  GR

The Electric Light and Engineering Company (ELECO) was a manufacturer of street lights, based in St Albans. They had existed since the turn of the 20th century, but became particularly popular from the early 1950s onwards. They were once a mainstay of trunk and main roads, particularly the GR series (a 1960s lighting installation on the A8 Glasgow - Edinburgh Road contained Eleco bulbs), but became less popular as newer Philips lights appeared.


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Eleco Lighting
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Eleco's biting the dust - Coppermine - 23290.jpgEleco GR150 on tall sleeved Eleco concrete on Margate Road - Coppermine - 20532.jpgIMG 4246.JPGIMG.8723.JPG S&L column Eleco lantern.jpgIMG 2145.JPG Old 1950s Concrete Column.jpg
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