Essich Roundabout

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Essich Roundabout
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Essich Roundabout lies on the B8082 to the south of Inverness. Whilst the B8082 is a relatively new road, the road that it crosses is much older. Stratherrick Road to the north and Essich Road to the south are on the line of the Military Road built by General Wade in the 1720s, predating the later route via Dores. Essich Road has been slightly realigned immediately to the south, but the straight line of the old road can still be easily traced. Today the old road just serves the sprawling residential suburbs, as indeed do most of the roads leading off the B8082.


Route To Notes


Holm, Dores (B862)


Aberdeen (A96), Perth, Thurso (A9), Raigmore Hospital
Torbreck, Essich

Essich Roundabout
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