Euroway Interchange

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Euroway Interchange
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Euroway Fork Sign
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Euroway Trading Estate
Highway Authority
Highways England
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3/4 Diamond
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Euroway Interchange is junction 2 of the M606. Opening in 1973, it serves the Euroway trading estates in the south of Bradford, and it has no entry sliproad onto the northbound M606.

The M606 was originally planned as a direct link between Bradford city centre and the M62; according to the original plan, the junctions inside the city would have had no access to the northbound carriageway, in order to prevent local traffic from using the motorway to get into the city centre. (The southernmost junctions on the M1, which have no London-bound entry sliproads, were designed with the same aim in mind.)

In the context of the original plans the missing entry sliproad makes perfect sense, but as the motorway to the north of the A6177 Outer Ring Road was never completed, it now seems perverse and illogical.


Route To Notes


Bradford, Airport access only from M606


(M62, M1), Manchester, Leeds, Cleckheaton
Transperience Way
Staithgate Lane
Furnace Road
Merrydale Road


Bradford, Airport proposed number for M606


(M62, M1), Manchester, Leeds, Cleckheaton proposed number for M606

Euroway Interchange
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