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Fendon Road Roundabout

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Fendon Road and Queen Edith's Way Roundabout
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New zebra crossing on Queen Ediths Way, Cambridge - Geograph - 6564545.jpg
The roundabout in August 2020, following opening of the cycle provision
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A1134 • A1307 • C233
Junctions related to the A1134
Junctions related to the A1307
The roundabout in 2016

Fendon Road and Queen Edith's Way Roundabout (commonly known as Fendon Road Roundabout) is a roundabout in the south eastern suburbs of Cambridge, on the A1134 (Cambridge Ring Road), where it meets a spur of the A1307 (Fendon Road).

Roadworks in 2020 as the cycle provision takes shape

For many years, the roundabout was an unremarkable suburban roundabout; however, in August 2020 work was finished on a redesign as a 'Dutch' style roundabout with segregated cycle priority. This is the first such roundabout to be constructed in Great Britain.

Presumably the location was chosen as it is an important roundabout with considerable non motorised traffic flows, close to the hospital with adequate space to provision such infrastructure.


Originally, there was no intersection on Queen Edith's Way (formerly known as Trumpington Drift) at this location - the road travelled east-west through open countryside. The junction was added after 1927 but prior to 1958, with the construction of Fendon Road/Mowbray Road and the associated suburban housing. It appears to have been a roundabout from a fairly early date, if not from original construction,


Route To Notes


Ring Road, All Major Routes Queen Edith's Way


Ring Road, Airport Mowbray Road


Haverhill, Addenbrooke's Fendon Road


Cherry Hinton, Fulbourn Queen Edith's Way

Fendon Road Roundabout
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