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Primary Destinations
Forth Road Bridge • Glenrothes • Kincardine Bridge • Kirkcaldy • St Andrews • Tay Road Bridge
Other Important Destinations
Cupar • Dunfermline • Rosyth
Current Highway Authorities
Fife Council
Angus • Clackmannanshire • Kinross-shire • Perthshire • Stirlingshire • West Lothian
Transport Scotland Roads
M90 • A90 • A92 • A92(M) • A823(M) • A876 • A985
This article is about the County.
For the Highway Authority, see Fife Council

Fife is a traditional county on the eastern coast of Scotland. Of all of the Mainland Scottish counties, it is the one which has kept its borders and identity almost intact throughout all of the local government reorganisations. Plans to include it in Tayside Regional Council in 1975 were thwarted, so Fife County Council became Fife Regional Council, became the modern Fife Council Unitary Authority. Anciently known as the Kingdom of Fife, it is perhaps the counties position as a peninsula between the Firths of Forth and Tay that help shape its identity.

Geography & Economy

The B9131 above Anstruther

The Landscape of Fife is unlike the typical image of Scotland as a mountainous country with deep narrow glens and lochs. Instead, it is a gently rolling green county of fields and farms dotted with towns and villages. The presence of Edinburgh just across the Forth, and to a lesser extent to Dundee on the north bank of the Tay have ensured that this farmland has been a prosperous area, feeding the nearby cities, whilst the fishing villages of the south Fife coast also thrived. Industry came later, with docks and ports, coal mining, salt production and quarrying all playing their part.

Today the south coast, particularly in the East Neuk, are popular with tourists. The pretty houses and cottages of the old fishing villages providing a picturesque backdrop to the sea views of a rugged coastline. St Andrews and Dunfermline - ancient cities - also attract tourists, with St Andrews University now world famous. The new Town of Glenrothes, like much of the county, serves as commuter belt for the Capital, via the famous Forth Bridges. There are still deprived, often former industrial, areas in the county, but much of it remains prosperous and welcoming.


Forth Road Bridge heading to Fife

The gently rolling landscape allows a good network of roads across the county. The A91 and A92 provide some good fast routes in places, whilst the M90 crosses the county near Dunfermline. Other A and B roads criss-cross between the towns and villages, although being a populous county they can become busy, especially in the summer, and progress can be slow. The old development plans for upgrading routes in the south of Fife in particular never came to anything, but for the visitor it is probably part of the charm of the area, that you approach many places at a slower pace in keeping with the destination.

The county also enjoys a number of impressive bridges, spanning its borders. These include the Tay Road Bridge to Dundee, the Kincardine Bridge and Clackmannanshire Bridge to the west and the Forth Road Bridge and new Queensferry Crossing to the south. All non-trunk roads within the traditional county are maintained by Fife Council with the trunk roads being maintained by Transport Scotland. These include the A90, A92, A977, A985 and Motorways.

Route From To Length
A823 Pitreavie, Rosyth Westerton 28.8 miles View
A823(M) Inverkeithing Rosyth 1.0 mile View
A876 Bowtrees Kilbagie 4.0 miles View
A90 Edinburgh Fraserburgh 146 miles View
A9000 Echline Ferrytoll 2.6 miles View
A906 Dunfermline Inverkeithing 5.8 miles View
A907 Causewayhead Halbeath 22.4 miles View
A909 Kelty Burntisland 9.5 miles View
A91 St Andrews Stirling 53 miles View
A910 Kirkcaldy Kirkcaldy Bypass 3.7 miles View
A911 Milnathort Windygates 15.4 miles View
A912 Muirhead Perth 21.6 miles View
A913 Cupar Aberargie 15.0 miles View
A914 Muirhead Newport on Tay 15.0 miles View
A915 Kirkcaldy St Andrews 21.0 miles View
A916 Cupar Windygates 9.9 miles View
A917 Kirkton of Largo St Andrews 24.3 miles View
A918 Abbey Street City Road 0.5 miles View
A919 Guardbridge St Michaels 2.7 miles View
A92 Dunfermline Blackdog 111 miles View
A92(M) Halbeath Crossgates 1.2 miles View
A921 Kirkcaldy Bypass Forth Road Bridge 15.7 miles View
A921 Upper Largo Ragfield 12.9 miles View
A954 Boat Brae High Street 0.3 miles View
A955 Kirkcaldy Leven Bypass 8.9 miles View
A959 Anstruther Easter Brownhills, St Andrews 7.8 miles View
A976 Rumblingwell Pilmuir Street 0.7 miles View
A977 Kincardine Kinross 17.3 miles View
A983 Falkland Newburgh 7.1 miles View
A985 Kincardine Bridge Rosyth 13.8 miles View
A987 Crossroads Aberdour 1.8 miles View
A988 Gallatown Templehall 1.7 miles View
A994 Dunfermline Cairneyhill 3.0 miles View
B9037 Blairhall Cairneyhill 5.3 miles View
B9097 Crook of Devon Auchterderran 12.7 miles View
B911 Dunfermline Clackmannan 12.6 miles View
B912 Dunfermline Kelty (South) 4.0 miles View
B9129 Kingskettle Ladybank 2.1 miles View
B912 Torryburn Limekilns 3.5 miles View
B913 Dollar Gowkhall 9.1 miles View
B9130 Glenrothes Dysart (N) 6.0 miles View
B9131 Brownhills Anstruther Easter 8.6 miles View
B914 Saline Kelty 6.7 miles View
B9149 Lochgelly By Pass Lochgelly(E) 0.9 miles View
B915 Bowershall Greenknowes 1.7 miles View
B9155 Rumblingwell Pilmuir St 0.7 miles View
B9156 Dunfermline Limekilns(N) 2.1 miles View
B9157 Aberdour(W) Kirkcaldy 8.5 miles View
B916 Dunfermline Dalgety Bay 3.8 miles View
B917 Hill of Beath Keltybridge 4.0 miles View
B9171 Abercrombie (NW) Crail (N) 7.5 miles View
B920 Lochgelly Scotlandwell 5.3 miles View
B921 Auchterderran Coaltown of Balgonie 6.5 miles View
B922 Cluny Kinglassie 2.8 miles View
B923 Burntisland Kinghorn 2.5 miles View
B924 Braefoot Bernard's Smithy 2.4 miles View
B924 Esplanade Nichol Street 0.8 miles View
B925 Crossgates Pathhead, Kirkcaldy 10.5 miles View
B926 Templehall Gallatown 1.6 miles View
B927 Letham Leven 2.3 miles View
B928 Dysart Gallatown 0.6 miles View
B929 Dysart Boreland 0.6 miles View
B930 Cameron Buckhaven 0.9 miles View
B931 Buckhaven Leven 2.3 miles View
B932 Cameron Bridge Leven 2.6 miles View
B933 Windygates Road Methilhaven Road 0.7 miles View
B936 Den of Lindores Freuchie 9.1 miles View
B937 Ladybank Lindores 5.8 miles View
B937 Freuchie Parbroath, Luthrie 8.3 miles View
B938 Eden's Muir Ladybank 0.6 miles View
B939 Craigrothie St Andrews 9.2 miles View
B940 Cupar Crail 17.1 miles View
B941 Peat Inn Elie 6.8 miles View
B942 Pittenweem Balchrystie 5.2 miles View
B943 James Street Pittenweem Harbour 0.3 miles View
B944 Wellesley Road, Buckhaven Station Road, Buckhaven 0.5 miles View
B944 Anstruther Brownhills 7.8 miles View
B945 St Michaels Tayport 4.0 miles View
B946 St Fort Tayport 6.6 miles View
B969 Balfarg East Finglassie 3.5 miles View
B980 Inverkeithing (S) Rosyth (N) 2.3 miles View
B981 North Queensferry Kirkcaldy 19.6 miles View
B995 Newport on Tay Forgan roundabout 0.9 miles View
B996 Kelty Bein Inn 14.6 miles View
C100 Oriel Road Bennochy Road 0.2 miles View
C101 Castlandhill Roundabout Primrose South Roundabout 0.9 miles View
C102 Kings Road Roundabout Millenium Avenue 0.9 miles View
C103 Admiralty Road King Malcolm Drive 1.9 miles View
C10 Old Perth Road Broad Street 0.5 miles View
C11 Lochymuir Crossford 1.2 miles View
C124 Leslie Road Kinglassie Road 1.3 miles View
C125 Preston Roundabout Bankhead Roundabout 0.9 miles View
C126 Woodside Way Church Street 0.7 miles View
C127 Compton Road Glenwood Road 1 mile View
C128 High Street Golf Course Road 0.4 miles View
C129 Queensway Roundabout Golf Course Road 1.8 miles View
C12 St Michael's Wormit 2.6 miles View
C130 Woodside Road Golf Course Road 1.4 miles View
C131 Cadham Junction Pitcoudie Roundabout 0.9 miles View
C132 Coul Roundabout Cadham Road 0.9 miles View
C13 Rankeilour Clushford Toll 1.7 miles View
C14 St Catherine Street Station Road 0.1 miles View
C15 Back Muir Crossford 1 mile View
C16 Cupar Springfield 1.6 miles View
C17 Abercrombie St Monans 0.8 miles View
C18 Coaltown of Wemyss West Wemyss 0.7 miles View
C19 Oakley Saline 1.8 miles View
C1 Leven Kennoway 2 miles View
C20 Freuchie Kingskettle 2.1 miles View
C21 St Andrews Strathkinness 1.9 miles View
C22 Aberdour Whitehill 0.7 miles View
C23 Freuchie Langdyke 3.5 miles View
C24 Luthrie Kilmarron 2 miles View
C25 Balmullo Guardbridge 1.3 miles View
C26 Whitehill Crossgates 2.1 miles View
C27 North Approach Road Bridge Street 0.4 miles View
C28 Bow of Fife Trafalgar Junction 3.2 miles View
C29 Cupar Corbiehill 6.7 miles View
C2 Cardenden Shawsmill 1.3 miles View
C30 Clushford Toll Langdyke 4.4 miles View
C31 Cupar Springfield 2.5 miles View
C32 Markinch Kennoway 4.3 miles View
C33 Kinglassie Auchmuirbridge 2.1 miles View
C34 Glenrothes Fife Airport 1 mile View
C35 Coaltown of Wemyss Moss Wood 0.7 miles View
C36 Saline Shaw Council Boundary 1.5 miles View
C37 Cowdenbeath Kingseat 1.8 miles View
C38 Oakley Newmills 2.7 miles View
C39 Bowhouse Kilconquhar 1.3 miles View
C3 Station Road Guardbridge Road 1.1 miles View
C40 Kilconquhar Colinsburgh 1.2 miles View
C41 St Andrews Lathockar 4.5 miles View
C42 Kingsbarns Beleybridge 3.7 miles View
C43 Kilrenny Pitkierie 1.5 miles View
C44 Pittenweem Scotshall 1.8 miles View
C45 Dairsie Pitcossie 3.4 miles View
C46 Newburgh Wormit 11.2 miles View
C47 Strathmiglo Bypass Sandygates 0.3 miles View
C48 Lochgelly Junction Kirkcaldy 5.1 miles View
C49 Balfarg Markinch 0.8 miles View
C4 Guardbridge Peat Inn 5.5 miles View
C50 Auchmuirbridge Balbedie 1.8 miles View
C51 Hill End Saline 2.6 miles View
C52 High Valleyfield Low Valleyfield 0.3 miles View
C53 Dunfermline Bowershall 2.7 miles View
C54 Halbeath Kingseat 1 mile View
C55 Leven Road Largo Road 1.1 miles View
C56 Ceres Baldinnie 1.7 miles View
C57 Dunshalt Freuchie 4.5 miles View
C58 Strathmiglo Council Boundary 1.2 miles View
C59 Lundin Links Montrave 2.8 miles View
C5 Longannet Roundabout Valleyfield 4.6 miles View
C60 Peat Inn Montrave 4.2 miles View
C61 Newtown of Balcormo Arncroach 0.7 miles View
C62 Scotshall Carnbee 1 mile View
C63 High Street Sandygates 1.1 miles View
C64 Rathillet Balmerino 4.4 miles View
C65 St Andrews Pitscottie 5.1 miles View
C66 Grieve Street Forth Street 0.9 miles View
C67 Halbeath Road North Road 2.8 miles View
C68 Kincardine Council Boundary 0.9 miles View
C69 Hill End Moreland 0.7 miles View
C6 Clunybridge Thornton 2.8 miles View
C70 High Street Crail Airfield 0.6 miles View
C71 High Street Slipway 0.1 miles View
C72 Low Road Low Road 0.5 miles View
C73 Commercial Road Cupar Road 0.3 miles View
C74 New Road West Port 0.2 miles View
C75 Pleasance High Street 0.3 miles View
C76 Hillend Inverkeithing 0.8 miles View
C77 High Street Old Perth Road 0.7 miles View
C78 High Street Old Perth Road 0.7 miles View
C79 Church Street Hillend Road 0.2 miles View
C7 Charlestown Limekilns 2.3 miles View
C80 Pilmuir Street Whitefield Road 1.3 miles View
C81 Carnegie Drive Nerthertown Broad Street 0.9 miles View
C82 Kinghorn Road Aberdour Road 0.6 miles View
C83 Bothwell Street Linburn Road 1.5 miles View
C84 City Road Argyle Street 0.2 miles View
C85 James Street Abbey Wall Road 0.2 miles View
C86 Bank Street Auchterderran Road 0.2 miles View
C87 High Street Ballbirnie Street 0.3 miles View
C88 Whitefield Road Townhill Road 0.7 miles View
C89 Eastern Access Road Regents Way 2.4 miles View
C8 Cupar Teuchats Toll 5.3 miles View
C90 The Gateway East Access 2.2 miles View
C91 Chapel Level Bennochy Road 0.7 miles View
C92 Abbotshall Road Pratt Street 0.9 miles View
C93 Dunniker Way Bennochy Road 1.1 miles View
C94 Bennochy Road Dunnikier Road 0.5 miles View
C95 Esplanade Dunnikier Way 1.3 miles View
C96 Hendry Road Overton Road 1.1 miles View
C97 Dunnikier Way Nairn Street 0.8 miles View
C98 Windmill Road Overton Road 0.8 miles View
C99 Dunfermline Rosyth 2.1 miles View
C9 Largo Road St Mary Street 0.8 miles View
E15 Inverness Dover 640 miles View
E32 Abington Perth 81.2 miles View
Fife Coastal Tourist Route Kincardine Newport-on-Tay 85 miles View
M90 Kirkilston Perth 28.7 miles View
1 Dover Norwick View
76 Berwick upon Tweed Stirling and Kirkcaldy View
764 Clackmannan Dunfermline View
T92 Dennyloanhead St Andrews View
T93 Inverkeithing Perth View 


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