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Forfar is the county town of Angus, which is also known as Forfarshire. It is the largest settlement in the county away from the coast, where most of the towns and villages lie. In the north west corner of the town, Forfar Loch is surrounded by a country park, with playing fields and a campsite around the edge. There is a bustling town centre with a good range of shops and services and a scattering of supermarkets and out of town stores, although no retail park as such. There are also some large industrial areas around the town, although being within commuting distance of Dundee, many people travel to work.

The main road past the town is the A90, which bypasses to the west. The A90 was extended north in the 1990s, and took the route of the A929 as far as Forfar, where it took over the A94 route to Aberdeen. The A94 now terminates in the town, on the towns inner ring road, which largely follows pre-existing streets to take the classified roads out of the town centre. The south side is the A932, which has been extended over the stub of the old A929 to meet the bypass. The A932 then heads east to meet the A933, Brechin to Arbroath road.

The northern side of the ring road is the A926, which snakes around the town before finding its original route north west to Kirriemuir, and then on to Blairgowrie. The east side is then the B9128, which has been extended north over the former A94 to meet the bypass. Its original route still runs south to the A92 at Carnoustie on the coast. Two further B roads head east from the town. The B9134 runs through Aberlemno to Brechin, whilst the B9113 runs across to the A934 which continues to Montrose.


Route To Notes


Dundee, Edinburgh former A929


Aberdeen, Stonehaven former A94




Kirriemuir, Blairgowrie




Montrose (A934)


Carnoustie (A930)


Aberlemno, Brechin

JunctionsGlamis Junction • Lochlands Junction
RoadsA90 • A926 • A929 • A932 • A94 • A958 • B9113 • B9128 • B9134 • B9145 (Forfar) • B963 (Forfar) • C29 (Angus) • C56 (Angus) • C73 (Angus) • C74 (Angus) • C77 (Angus) • C78 (Angus) • C81 (Angus)
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