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Gaelic School Roundabout

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Gaelic School Roundabout
Cearcall na Sgoile Ghàidhlig
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Gaelic School Roundabout - aerial from west.jpg
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Looking north along the A8082

Gaelic School Roundabout is a roundabout on the A8082, Inverness's Southern Distributor Road, providing access to Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis, Inverness's Gaelic medium primary school, to the west and a supermarket and housing development to the east.

The roundabout wasn't built as part of the construction of the A8082 (then numbered B8082), but was added a year or so later to accommodate construction of the new school, which opened in 2007. The roundabout was built with four arms, with the fourth to the east initially being a stub. This fourth arm was later utilised to provide an access road, Ivanhoe Avanue, to a new Asda supermarket which opened in 2012. Subsequent years saw this road further utilised for access to new housing in the Slackbuie area, branching off from a smaller roundabout at the entrance of the supermarket car park.

Project sign at the time of the roundabout's construction

The official name appeared on construction signage and is included in the adopted roads listings for the roads concerned, but doesn't appear on any current signs, so is often referred to locally with reference to the supermarket, rather than the school.


Route To Notes


Holm unsigned


Aberdeen (A96), Perth, Thurso (A9), Raigmore Hospital unsigned
Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis / Inverness Gaelic Primary School unsigned
Supermarket U5459, Ivanhoe Avenue (unsigned)

Gaelic School Roundabout
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Gaelic School Roundabout - from Ivanhoe Avenue.jpgGaelic School Roundabout - aerial from SW.jpgGaelic School Roundabout - aerial from west.jpgGaelic School Roundabout - project sign.jpg
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