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A1/Peterborough - Blyth
Blyth A1M services - Geograph - 586087.jpg
Blyth A1M services
Moto services Gonnerby Moor Grantham - Geograph - 1301709.jpg
Moto services Gonerby Moor Grantham
Truckstop Cowboy - Coppermine - 18880.jpg
Truckstop Cowboy

'This cafe ain't big enough for the both of us.' ' No, it ain't so.... I'll be off then.' Markham Moor Cafe A1. Listed Little Chef visible through window.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jun 29, 2008 by SteveA30
Wanted poster - Coppermine - 18877.jpg
Wanted poster

Good opening hours. Much brighter than many transport stops.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jun 29, 2008 by SteveA30
The A1, looking north from the A47 overbridge at Wansford
Winthorpe Bridge - Geograph - 3134491.jpg
Winthorpe Bridge View from the east bank showing the delicate lines of the main span. The 9 separate box girders are clearly visible.
Winthorpe Bridge - Geograph - 3134506.jpg
Winthorpe Bridge The dappled reflections of the sun on the river light up the structure of the bridge.
Winthorpe Bridge - Geograph - 3134475.jpg
Winthorpe Bridge A distant view with a passing narrowboat.
A1 Southbound - Geograph - 1327185.jpg
A1 Southbound
A1 northbound - Geograph - 3768795.jpg
A1 northbound
A1 northbound - Geograph - 3768750.jpg
A1 northbound
A1 south - Geograph - 2659890.jpg
A1 south View south from the A46 bridge over the A1
A1 north - Geograph - 2672591.jpg
A1 north View north from Beckingham Road bridge
A1 turn off for A52 - Geograph - 3454461.jpg
A1 turn off for A52
Old Railway Bridge - Geograph - 1469526.jpg
Old Railway Bridge Picture taken from the car showing an old mineral railway line crossing the A1 to the north Colsterworth. The bridge was removed in 2008 to allow for a new B6403 flyover bridge to be constructed so the notorious central reservation A1 crossing could be closed.
Bridge (B6403) Over the A1 at Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth - Geograph - 4219386.jpg
Bridge (B6403) Over the A1 at Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth


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