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On or off the road - Geograph - 1029659.jpg
On or off the road
A1134 Milton Road (old A10) - Coppermine - 8559.jpg
A1134 Milton Road (old A10)

Mast-arm pedestrian traffic lights in northern Cambridge. Should really be A1309, but this section is between the Mitchum's Corner junction and the Elizabeth Way roundabout (in the background), so counts as part of the Ring Road.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Oct 18, 2006 by Sunil_of_Yoxley
Fen Causeway Bridge, A1134 (C) N Chadwick - Geograph - 3837594.jpg
Fen Causeway Bridge, A1134 (C) N Chadwick
The Carpenters Arms, Victoria Road (C) Keith Edkins - Geograph - 842967.jpg
The Carpenters Arms, Victoria Road (C) Keith Edkins
Punch Taverns are currently advertising a 5-year tenancy on this pub
East end of Mitcham's Corner - Geograph - 4577936.jpg
East end of Mitcham's Corner
A1134, B1049 junction - Geograph - 5226691.jpg
A1134, B1049 junction
This is an eyesore (official) - Geograph - 2963380.jpg
This is an eyesore (official) ... but the local planning authorities have been concerned that its replacement might be bigger, uglier, and harder to remove. In the end plans for a four-storey building containing 98 student flats and a coffee shop were approved by a Planning Appeal.
Roundabout and flats going up - Geograph - 4861798.jpg
Fendon Road Roundabout in 2016 The roundabout where Queen Edith's Way crosses the ring road. The picture was taken from Fendon Road, looking towards Mowbray Road.
Reworking Fendon Road roundabout - Geograph - 6442903.jpg
Reworking Fendon Road roundabout The work began the previous autumn and should have been complete by now. Single-file traffic controlled by temporary traffic lights continues to cause delays on the Cambridge inner ring road on the approach to Addenbrooke's Hospital.
New zebra crossing on Queen Ediths Way, Cambridge - Geograph - 6564545.jpg
New zebra crossing on Queen Edith's Way, Cambridge
Cambridge's Dutch-style roundabout - Geograph - 6563290.jpg
Cambridge's Dutch-style roundabout At this recently-completed revised roundabout, motor traffic uses an inner circle and cyclists an outer one, while there are pedestrian crossings at each of the four road approaches. Pedestrians and cyclists are supposed to have priority, but at 6.40 in the morning there wasn't enough traffic to test the theory.


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