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A21 (Northern Ireland)
The Cherryvalley Line, Comber - Geograph - 1770859.jpg
The Cherryvalley Line, Comber
The Cherryvalley Line (the Comber bypass <a href=''>J4568 : The Comber bypass (1)</a>), looking from near the Killinchy Road roundabout towards the Newtownards Road. The bridge, at the red van, crosses the Comber River <a href=''>J4668 : Path, Comber</a>.
The Newtownards to Comber road - Geograph - 228196.jpg
The Newtownards to Comber road
The road from Newtownards to Comber passes close to Strangford Lough and is almost at sea level. Part of it is dual carriageway. This is the view to Comber at Longlands. This area is known for producing �Comber� potatoes.
The Newtownards - Comber road - Geograph - 472888.jpg
The Newtownards - Comber road

Much of this square is flat farmland with one minor public road and this short section of the Newtownards � Comber road. The view is towards Comber.
Bristol RELL near Newtownards - Geograph - 1604706.jpg
Bristol RELL near Newtownards
An Ulsterbus Bristol RELL running along the Newtownards � Comber road with the 13.25 Newtownards - Ballygowan.
Comber bypass (2) - Geograph - 228242.jpg
Comber bypass (2)
For the background see <a href=''>J4568 : The Comber bypass (1)</a>. This is the view in the same direction from near the start of the road at the Newtownards Road roundabout.
A21 Newtownards Road at Conlig - Geograph - 1607237.jpg
A21 Newtownards Road at Conlig
This is the Newtownards to Bangor dual-carriageway at the junction with Main Street (Conlig village). The view is towards Bangor.
Newtownards Road roundabout, Bangor - Geograph - 193518.jpg
Newtownards Road roundabout, Bangor
The Newtownards Road roundabout is one of five on the Bangor ring road. It is also the busiest. Just as I was returning my camera to its bag I heard the distinctive �nee-naw� from the nearby fire station. This is the result. Note: part of the roundabout is in J5080.
The Ballygowan Road, Saintfield - Geograph - 1440691.jpg
The Ballygowan Road, Saintfield
Not just the road from Saintfield (behind me) to Ballygowan. It was the main road between Newtownards and the county town of Downpatrick in the days when a county town was a place of importance. It also marks the end of real Co Down drumlin country.
High Street, Comber (1) - Geograph - 2841516.jpg
High Street, Comber (1)
The Bangor to Newtownards road near Conlig - Geograph - 228192.jpg
The Bangor to Newtownards road near Conlig
The Bangor to Newtownards road was dualled in the early 70�s. This is the view to Newtownards just south of Conlig. There is a story (apocryphal perhaps) that the Iron Lady, on her first visit to NI, was taken on a tour of the quieter areas. It seems that she thought that this road was too good for the traffic then using it and promptly �handbagged� the NI entire roads budget. It is only just starting to recover!

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