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Quarry Hill - Geograph - 1664219.jpg
Quarry Hill
A26, Brighton, 1922
Uckfield Road - Geograph - 1413631.jpg
Uckfield Road
Entrance to Cuilfail Tunnel - Geograph - 179970.jpg
Entrance to Cuilfail Tunnel
Southern Entrance, Cuilfail Tunnel - Geograph - 292058.jpg
Southern Entrance, Cuilfail Tunnel
The A26 south of Bedingham, East Sussex - Geograph - 1659665.jpg
The A26 south of Bedingham, East Sussex
Concrete ESLA, Hadlow, Kent - Coppermine - 22161.jpg
Concrete ESLA, Hadlow, Kent

Whilst looking through some old photos I found this photo of, erm, an old photo! Its of the A26 at The Square in Hadlow, Kent and something tells me it was taken in the '68 floods. The photographer also captured this wonderful ESLA on a finned concrete column.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on May 08, 2009 by Yorkletts
Roundabout 300 yards - Geograph - 1751129.jpg
Roundabout 300 yards
The A26 nears the junction with the A272. Viewed from the bridge carrying Millwood Lane.
River Ouse - Geograph - 331360.jpg
River Ouse
Looking south towards the Phoenix Causeway roadbridge and Harveys Brewery. The former wharf would have turned left between the bridge and the walls of the brewery.
Sign at Wateringbury, Kent - Coppermine - 6346.jpg
Sign at Wateringbury, Kent

There is a new sign, too, which directs Tunbridge Wells traffic further along the A26. But the B2015 is still the more obvious route.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jun 11, 2006 by Simon A6(M)
Ferry at Newhaven - Geograph - 6867.jpg
Ferry at Newhaven
Newhaven to Dieppe Ferry - Transmanche
Approaching Little Horsted Roundabout - Geograph - 1834595.jpg
Approaching Little Horsted Roundabout
Approaching the end of the Uckfield bypass.
Budlett's Roundabout - Geograph - 1839127.jpg
Budlett's Roundabout
Approaching Black Down Roundabout, A26 - Geograph - 1834395.jpg
Approaching Black Down Roundabout, A26
Earwig Corner - Geograph - 1838834.jpg
Earwig Corner
The B2192 joins the A26.
A26 at Tunbridge Wells - Coppermine - 23540.jpeg
A26 at Tunbridge Wells

mini roundabout junction of A26 and Major York's Road

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Nov 21, 2009 by multiraider2
A26 Tunbridge Wells.jpg
The A26 skirts the centre of Tunbridge Wells.
Bus Stops, Mount Pleasant - Geograph - 1802617.jpg
Bus stops on Mount Pleasant Road (formerly part of the A26) in Tunbridge Wells
20160419 0853 - Earwig Corner - 50.8844879N 0.022580E - cropped.jpg
Earwig Corner
The A26, Crowborough - Geograph - 1840675.jpg
The A26, Crowborough
Boarshead Roundabout - Geograph - 1840699.jpg
Boarshead Roundabout
Westborough Interchange 1970.png
1970 proposal for Westborough Interchange in Maidstone. This replaced the previous 1960s proposal for a much more complexed junction which would also have served the A20.
Westborough Interchange late 60s.png
Late 1960s design for Westborough Interchange in Maidstone. This was superseded by a simpler design in 1970 which brought the junction closer to the railway. The junction was never built.
Maidstone Road Proposals late 60s.png
Plans for a Western Relief Road and Inner Ring Road for Maidstone from the late 60s.
Approaching the A26 - A21 junction at the top of Quarry Hill - Geograph - 1664162.jpg
Approaching the A26 / A21 junction at the top of Quarry Hill
A26 Cuilfail Tunnel mouth - Geograph - 3009412.jpg
A26 Cuilfail Tunnel mouth
In the Cuilfail Tunnel - Geograph - 3497644.jpg
In the Cuilfail Tunnel
Ammonite Statue, A26 - Geograph - 3689635.jpg
Ammonite Statue, A26
A26 - A264 crossroads - Geograph - 4558854.jpg
A26 - A264 crossroads
Lewes Inner Relief Road A.png
1960s scheme for a Lewes relief road
Lewes Inner Relief Road B.png
1960s scheme for a Lewes relief road
A27 Lewes to Polegate 1993.png
A27 dualling between Lewes and Polegate as planned in 1993
Cannon Bridge - Geograph - 2343869.jpg
Cannon Bridge The A26 crosses the River Medway. It was opened on 2 July 1970.


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