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A27 Arundel 1.jpg
A27 just west of the Crossbush interchange.
A27 between Arundel and Worthing 1.jpg
A27 approaching the A280 junction.
A27 Brighton Bypass 1.jpg
The thrills and spills of the A27 Brighton Bypass.
A27 Brighton Bypass 2.jpg
A27 Brighton Bypass - the blue sign in the distance warns prohibited traffic to leave before the tunnel.
A27 Brighton Bypass 3.jpg
The Southwick Hill Tunnel on the A27 Brighton Bypass.
A27 Emsworth Bypass 1.jpg
The A27 Emsworth Bypass with its new, smooth surface. Previously it had a horrible concrete one.
A27 Portsmouth 1.jpg
The A27 at Portsmouth, at the A2030 junction heading west.
A27 Shoreham Bypass 1.jpg
The A27 Shoreham Bypass looking west.
A27 Sompting 1.jpg
The A27 at Sompting.
A27 Worthing 1.jpg
The A27 entering Worthing.
A27 Worthing 2.jpg
The A27 in Worthing - this is the best route across the south coast! (Sorry, I should take the dashboard out really)
A27 Crossbush 1.jpg
The A27 at Crossbush, where the Arundel Bypass should have began.
A27 Portsmouth 2.jpg
The A27 eastbound, approaching the A3(M) junction. It's a wide road!
Southwick Tunnel Southern Portals.JPG
Southwick Hill Tunnel southern portals
A293 Road Junction - Geograph - 27453.jpg
A27 / A293 Road Junction
Shoreham Flyover - Geograph - 6248.jpg
Shoreham Flyover
Chichester Bypass 1946.JPG
OS map showing Chichester bypass in 1946
A27 Southwick Hill Tunnels - Geograph - 1053864.jpg
A27 Southwick Hill Tunnels
Patcham Interchange.PNG
Patcham Interchange Strip Map
New Cophall roundabout at Polegate - Geograph - 355862.jpg
New Cophall roundabout at Polegate
Southern end of M3 - Geograph - 24233.jpg
Southern end of M3
Bassett Green Road (A27) - Geograph - 1027187.jpg
Bassett Green Road (A27)
Bridge taking A27 over M3 - Geograph - 1027206.jpg
Bridge taking A27 over M3
A27 Fareham snow.jpg
The A27 in Fareham in the snow.
A27 Down End traffic lights.jpg
Traffic lights on the A27 in Fareham.
Delme Roundabout sliproad.jpg
Sliproad from the Delme Roundabout towards the M27, in the distance are several cars which couldn't make the climb last night.
Delme east side.jpg
The Delme Roundabout.
A27 Delme ADS.jpg
The unusual signs for the Delme Roundabout, before the Cams Hall traffic lights.
Delme Roundabout north.jpg
Delme Roundabout: approach from the M27.
Delme Roundabout west.jpg
The western side of the Delme Roundabout.
Bridge over Fitzalan Road on the bypass - Geograph - 1646391.jpg
Bridge over Fitzalan Road on the bypass
Cresting Handcross Hill - Geograph - 1650952.jpg
Cresting Handcross Hill
Brighton By-Pass - Geograph - 1657023.jpg
Brighton By-Pass
Milestone near Romsey - Geograph - 1659202.jpg
Milestone near Romsey
M27-M275-A27-A3 - Coppermine - 7111.jpg

The start of the M27 westbound. Note the 'chopsticks' sign.

UPDATE! The two gantry signs have been replaced with two that are exactly the same but slightly smaller and they each have their own 'chopsticks' symbol.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Aug 04, 2006 by MSAJohnny
Loop the loop - Coppermine - 16920.jpg
Loop the loop

I went for a spin in my private plane from Shoreham Airport and took these pics. OK, this is a photo in Shoreham Airport foyer.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Feb 12, 2008 by SteveA30
A27 looking south from Southwick Tunnel - Coppermine - 17807.jpg
A27 looking south from Southwick Tunnel

Taken on the 14th April, the sun just starting to come out.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Apr 18, 2008 by AJK1982
A27 Shoreham Flyover from Mill Hill - Coppermine - 17841.jpg
A27 Shoreham Flyover from Mill Hill

Taken Sunday 20th April 2008 from Mill Hill overbridge looking down on the A27/A283 interchange, the Shoreham 'Flyover'.

Opened in 1970 replacing the old single track toll bridge over the River Adur which you can see in the mid-ground.

Eventually connected to the A27 Brighton by-pass in 1996 making this part of a longer distance route.

In the distance is the South Downs and Lancing, Worthing.

More information from my Flickr page here:

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Apr 22, 2008 by Lil
A27 gantry Farlington.jpg
A new gantry on the A27.
A27 Bedhampton onslip.jpg
The sliproad takes a dip where it met the A27 before the A3(M) joined in.
A27 Cosham traffic signals.jpg
The new signalised junction in Cosham, with development taking place on the old roundabout.
A27 gantry A3(M).jpg
New signs on an old gantry on the A27.
A27 Southwick Tunnel Secret Sign - Coppermine - 9016.jpg
A27 Southwick Tunnel Secret Sign

Overturned lorry closes the A27 last week leaving me stranded in a very damp queue.

This photo shows one of the 'secret' panels of the rotating prism sign approaching Southwick Tunnel. All traffic was diverted through Shoreham town along the old A23 route, so I decided to do a u-turn at the junction and head back the way I came!!

'ROAD AHEAD CLOSED - All traffic use A293 1/2m'

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Oct 30, 2006 by A281
Footbridge over the A27 - Geograph - 1732226.jpg
Footbridge over the A27
Footbridge over A27, Coldean - Geograph - 1732240.jpg
Footbridge over A27, Coldean
A24 Worthing - Coppermine - 10299.jpg
A27/A24 Worthing

Two concrete columns with geared MA60s standing rather ominously, almost like they're standing guard these two. Funny how this day wasn't as grey as the photo suggests.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Feb 16, 2007 by Lil
A27 Multiplex Worthing - Coppermine - 10298.JPG
A24/A27 Multiplex Worthing

A grand concrete column, Worthing is chock full of them and I'd say definitely 60:40 in favour of non-sleeved, maybe more. MA60 with gear. Also noteworthy: pathetic south coast trunk route a la A27.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Feb 16, 2007 by Lil
A27 - Coppermine - 2126.JPG

The patcham interchange of the A23 & A27 as seen from my back garden. Facing north you can see the A27 bridge and the A23 as it heads into Brighton.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on May 07, 2005 by SarahJ

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