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A303 - Coppermine - 26.jpg

Mis-tagged as A303, road was A3036 at the time.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Mar 10, 2005 by M4Simon
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The closure of the A344, should ease the hold ups here, although dualling is the only real answer.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Aug 09, 2009 by SteveA30
Old stuff 166.jpg
The A344 is a short stretch of road from Airman's cross A360 to the A303 at stone henge.This shot is looking from Stone Henge back towards the A360.
Old stuff 167.jpg
Stonehenge comes into view looking towards the junction with the A303 on the A344.
The A344 leading away from Airman's Corner near Stonehenge
Old roads2 224.jpg
This is the A344 from Stone Henge to Airmans cross near Shrewton in Wiltshire ..The shot is looking south towards Stone Henge and the A3303
Tour coach leads the way to Stonehenge - Geograph - 2228073.jpg
Tour coach leads the way to Stonehenge
A344 016.JPG
Work begins on the new StoneHenge visitor center opening next year..The A344 will close March 2013..This is the A344 as it is in 2012..
A344 035.JPG
A344 With its junction with the A303 at Stonehenge bottom..Its a typical Saturday morning with the A303 slowly getting busier by the hour..Within the next year the A344 will close and this jouncing will be removed and the old A344 will be grassed over..Man makes the road..Man uses the road ..Man destroys the road
Stone Henge 008.JPG
With les than a year to go the A344 still for now carries traffic through to meet the A303 at Stonehenge Bottom..The A344 will close and from stonehenge east will be dug up and grassed over the new Stonehenge visitor center is on the right
Amesbury 004.JPG
Looking at the new Roundabout on the A360 at the all new Stonehenge visitor center . Plans are in fours to close the A344 to traffic and using the old road as a shuttle bus only to Stonehenge by Autumn of 2013.
Stone Henge 2 032.JPG
On the last ever day of through traffic, The A344 is about to lose its link with the A303 and become a part of modern history.
Stonehenge, closed road (C) Mike Faherty - Geograph - 3685918.jpg
Stonehenge, closed road (C) Mike Faherty
Formerly A344; closed from Stonehenge to junction with A303(T) because of refurbishment of visitor facilities.
The memorial formerly located at Airman's Corner, now in the Stonehenge visitor centre car park.
The grassed-over remains of the A344
The former A344, to which part of the road's former course has been converted into a footpath at Stonehenge.
The former A344, now just used by Stonehenge visitor shuttle buses.
A344 Access Permit
A303. 2015 011.JPG
Here is the old junction with the now covered A344 at Stonehenge bottom on the A303 on a very sunny April morning, Closed in 2013 A344 now is only in the history books & on my photo records too, You can't stop to gaze at Stonehenge now as our friends the Wiltshire constabulary will move you on for stopping on the main A303. Pay at the new visitor center .A303 looking West at Stonehenge


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