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The Hood 007.jpg
A360 on the down hill bend coming into Shrewton on Salisbury plane. This road comes from Salisbury and ends in Devizes . There are no duel carriageways or bypasses along its 26 mile route.
The Hood 020.jpg
A360 passes through Shrewton on Salisbury plane .Pre 1967 the road was slightly more to the right and ware the road is now there was an old BP garage .
Now you know 065.jpg
Looking towards Shrewton on the A360 this stretch has claimed several lives in years gone buy it is known locally as Black barn.
Now you know 067.jpg
There are only two short sections of A360 to be realigned this stretch is only a few meters long and is used as a short lay buy .This is at West down.
Now you know 093.jpg
Singal lines all the way from Tilshead to West lavington on the A360 ,During the winter this stretch of road is prone to flooding.
Now you know 090.jpg
The only straight stretch of A360 between Tilshead and Devizes looking south near Gore cross on a quiet summers day.
Now you know 088.jpg
A showman's caravan graces this shot of the A360 at gore cross the road is about to descend into West Lavington through the wood To the left is a stone commemorating an attack on a farmer by a Highwayman .
Now you know 070.jpg
Tank crossing Mike on the double bend coming into Tilshead on Salisbury plane.There are five tank crossings on the A360 between Black barn and Gore cross.
Old stuff 148.jpg
A360 Devizes road in Salisbury looking down the hill towards the St Paul's roundabout
Old stuff 154.jpg
Where the A360 begins on the St Paul's roundabout in Salisbury . Pre 1976 this was a traffic light control with the A36 Wilton road just a few meters to the left the old A36 headed down the old route St Paul's road .
Old stuff 153.jpg
Looking away from the roundabout you can clearly still see the old curb stones in place of the old route A360 heading up Devizes road.
Old cars 013.jpg
An early ERF dating from the 1970s takes to the B390 from the A360 at Shrewton on a windy morning in September.
Looking into Shrewton on the A360 The turn for the B390 is on the right
Hood 063.jpg
In the hart of Salisbury plane is the small village of Tilshead on the A360 . The photo is looking south towards the triangle with what was the Black smiths..
Now you know 178.jpg
A360 at West Lavington looking south towards Tilshead..
Now you know 181.jpg
The Robbers stone on the side of the A360 marks where a robbery took place on a farmer returning to Imber from Devizes market in olden days..
The A344 leading away from Airman's Corner near Stonehenge
Devizes 005.JPG
The railway bridge at Littleton Panell on the A360
Devizes 008.JPG
There are only to sections of realigned parts on the A360 and this is the second near to Potterne Wick.It became a lay by after1969 when a new bridge was constructed to Carrie traffic over a more stronger built bridge..The newer is to the left...
Devizes 003.JPG
Because the railway bridge is on a slight bend and wasn't build with big lorries in mind traffic lights got installed only recently.The Railway line is the newer extension from Patny to Westbury on the Burks and Hants line opened in 1900 thus taking through trains away from Devizes...A360 at Littleton Panell....
Devizes 112.JPG
Witch ever way you look at it there's no way of bypassing this narrow stretch of A360 at West Lavington.Warning signs at each end light up when traffic is coming your way..
Stonehenge 012.JPG
Taking shape on the A360 is the new roundabout at the new Stonehenge visitor center.When this opens in the spring of 2013 the current A344 will close to through traffic..
New 006.JPG
A360 looking east heading out from Shrewton
Cake 001.JPG
On a very sharp left hand bend A360 at Potterne near Devizes..The sign on the house wall has most likly been there since before the war
Salisbury 1 011.JPG
A360 at the Woodford cross roads.Over the years this cross roads has had more than its fair share of traffic accidents and its probably the most dangerous part of the A360
Potterne 1 012.JPG
Looking south towards the Lavingtons on the A360 at Potterne.This being the dogleg bend opposite the church..
Bollards and the A360 west of Orcheston - Geograph - 2268066.jpg
Bollards and the A360 west of Orcheston
2012 - A360 about to enter Tilshead - Geograph - 3187547.jpg
2012 - A360 about to enter Tilshead
Amesbury 004.JPG
Looking at the new Roundabout on the A360 at the all new Stonehenge visitor center . Plans are in fours to close the A344 to traffic and using the old road as a shuttle bus only to Stonehenge by Autumn of 2013.
The memorial formerly located at Airman's Corner, now in the Stonehenge visitor centre car park.
Salisbury 2014 003.JPG
A360 in Wiltshire looking north towards long Barrow . Some one forgotten to take there freezer home and its just left sat there...
Longbarrow early 2000s proposal.png
Early 2000s proposal for the grade separation of Longbarrow Roundabout as part of plans to dual the A303
Houses in Southbroom Road - Geograph - 4764005.jpg
Houses in Southbroom Road These delightful terraced houses, all of which are listed grade II, are in Southbroom Road and are seen from The Green.

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