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A41/A4098 junction, Moxley. Sandwell Council invested in some really cr*p signmaking equipment in the 1970s and there are still plenty of these barely legible signs around, including a good set in Great Bridge itself.

Posted by DadgeCity on 9/29/2004

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Apr 28, 2005 by M4Simon
Great Bridge Road (A4098), Bilston near... (C) P L Chadwick - Geograph - 4024347.jpg
Great Bridge Road (A4098), Bilston near... (C) P L Chadwick
This is one of the main roads in the area.
Former trolleybus turning circle, Moxley - Geograph - 5558944.jpg
Former trolleybus turning circle, Moxley This turning circle was used by Wolverhampton Corporation trolleybuses on route 47 (effectively a shortworking of the Darlaston route) from 29 October 1949, when the 47 was extended here, until motorbuses took over on 8 August 1965. It appears to have been altered in shape since then, presumably in connection with the construction of the houses visible on the left.


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