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A5 (Northern Ireland)
Heading for Dublin, Belfast and Dungannon - Geograph - 521832.jpg
Heading for Dublin, Belfast and Dungannon
Pictured at the Omagh through-pass and you can take a left turn to go into the town along the Crevenagh Road.
A5, Doogary, Omagh - Geograph - 436029.jpg
A5, Doogary, Omagh
The on-coming traffic is coming from Belfast at a fast rate.
A5, Doogary - Geograph - 436028.jpg
A5, Doogary
Pictured at the junction with Doogary Avenue and heading for Belfast
Through-pass, Omagh - Geograph - 754209.jpg
Through-pass, Omagh
Heading SSE via Doogary towards Belfast / Dublin
A5, Doogary Road, Omagh - Geograph - 1637546.jpg
A5, Doogary Road, Omagh
Both the through pass and the old Doogary Road have the same name
A5 at Tattykeel - Geograph - 436032.jpg
A5 at Tattykeel
A new National Cycling Network sign has been erected on the right. The main road leads to Omagh
A5 near Crevenagh, Omagh - Geograph - 1256301.jpg
A5 near Crevenagh, Omagh
Heading NNW towards Omagh
A5 at Tattykeel - Geograph - 436030.jpg
A5 at Tattykeel
The road is heading north-west towards Omagh
Derry Road, Strabane - Geograph - 108170.jpg
Derry Road, Strabane
Leaving Strabane and heading to Derry / Londonderry
Victoria Road, Derry - Londonderry - Geograph - 1798015.jpg
Victoria Road, Derry - Londonderry
Heading south-east
Victoria Road, Newbuildings - Geograph - 1798020.jpg
Victoria Road, Newbuildings
Heading WSW towards Strabane
Newbuildings, County Londonderry - Geograph - 94222.jpg
Newbuildings, County Londonderry
This village is a couple of miles to the south of the city of Derry / Londonderry on the main road coming from Strabane.
Favour Royal Road - Tullyvar Road - Geograph - 2685856.jpg
Favour Royal Road - Tullyvar Road
The Ballygawley Roundabout - Geograph - 1502924.jpg
The Ballygawley Roundabout
Lisbeg - Geograph - 164528.jpg
Lisbeg on the former A5, just before the junction where the A4 multiplexed with the A5 to Ballygawley Roundabout. The road layout here has dramatically changed with the construction of the New Ballygawley Roundabout
The Diamond, Aughnacloy - Geograph - 2681679.jpg
The Diamond, Aughnacloy
A5 Lettice Street, Aughnacloy - Geograph - 2685946.jpg
A5 Lettice Street, Aughnacloy
A28 Moore Street, Aughnacloy - Geograph - 2681737.jpg
A28 Moore Street, Aughnacloy
Entering Aughnacloy - Geograph - 537459.jpg
Entering Aughnacloy
A5 Omagh Road, Ballygawley - Geograph - 1162015.jpg
A5 Omagh Road, Ballygawley
National Cycle Network milepost beside the River Mourne - Geograph - 2395958.jpg
National Cycle Network milepost beside the River Mourne
Photograph of a vandalised road-sign in Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
Craigavon Bridge Dublin Crossed Out.jpg
'Dublin' crossed out on the Waterside
The Diamond, Aughnacloy - Geograph - 4129654.jpg
The Diamond, Aughnacloy
James Street, Omagh - Geograph - 748998.jpg
James Street, Omagh, heading south-west beneath the A5 flyover


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