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Heanor Road, Ilkeston - Geograph - 876526.jpg
Heanor Road, Ilkeston
Bramcote Roundabout (2) - Geograph - 671475.jpg
Bramcote Roundabout (2)
Continued from <a href=''>SK5037 : Bramcote Roundabout (1)</a>.

Entry from the A52 from Nottingham (top centre in the picture) is controlled by lights; traffic swings to the right (to the left in the picture) around the roundabout for Stapleford and Ilkeston or continues straight on the A52 towards the M1 and Derby.

The road from Bramcote village on the right is not light controlled - getting out of here especially to cross the main stream of traffic on the A52 to go to Stapleford or Ilkeston is the only really difficult manoeuvre at the junction (to be avoided if possible).
Ilkeston Road, Bramcote - Geograph - 1838110.jpg
Ilkeston Road, Bramcote