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A648 - Coppermine - 3635.jpg

I had assumed that the A648 ended at the A52 Clifton Bridge, but a 1976 map tells a different story. The A648 carries on, on what is now the B679 to end at the A60/A606 junction.

Also note the Ring Road is here as the A614 and before the A6019 is here before the A453 took its place.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Sep 30, 2005 by Col
Queen's Road (C) John Sutton - Geograph - 3955973.jpg
Queen's Road (C) John Sutton
Once a road of hosiery warehouses, Queen's Road is now dominated by the new multi-storey car park on the right and the offices to the left. <a href=''>SK5739 : Queen's Road: construction of new car park</a> (May 2011) shows things before work on the car park and the tramway bridge had begun.
View in 1972 of the A614 bypass of Nottingham being built, showing the Clifton Bridge being dualled at the Silverdale Interchange also known as the Queen's Drive Roundabout. View looks south from Lenton over the Trent. The junction is now the A453/A52.

Before the A453 was routed along Queen's Drive in 1978, Queen's Drive at this stage was the A6019. The A648 at that stage was what we now call the A453.

The Roundabout, as can be seen, was built first.