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's Way - Geograph - 1157519.jpg
North End of St Peter\'s Way
A666 Blackburn Road
Bolton Road, Darwen (A666) - Geograph - 1412613.jpg
Bolton Road, Darwen (A666)
Bolton Road at Stones Bank Road A666 laybys - Geograph - 1729517.jpg
Bolton Road at Stones Bank Road A666 laybys
Traffic Sign - Lancashire - Geograph - 1729494.jpg
Traffic Sign - Lancashire
Road junction - Geograph - 1770947.jpg
Road junction
The junction of Green Arms Road and Blackburn Road
Blackburn Road south of Egerton United Reformed Church - Geograph - 1770935.jpg
Blackburn Road south of Egerton United Reformed Church
A6 Irlams Interchange.JPG
A6 approaching the Irlams Interchange (also the start of the A580, A666, and a TOTSO for A6 traffic).
A666 Pendlebury Terminus.JPG
The start of the A666 in Pendlebury.
A666 Springfield Interchange.JPG
Approaching Springfield Interchange on the A666 in Bolton.
934061 10151702164308109 342773950 n.jpg
Example of the impact of football traffic...
Whalley Road, Langho (C) Alexander P Kapp - Geograph - 1865078.jpg
Whalley Road, Langho (C) Alexander P Kapp
Looking back towards Langho
'Mr Floppy' type sign, removed in 2001. This junction was built in 1970 in anticipation of the Blackburn Inner Relief Road and M65.
Another historic botched sign, this one also removed. It doesn't show primary status for the A666 towards Bolton, nor did it acknowledge the renumbering of the B6232 to then A6177 (now A6077). The bridge height is also 14'6'. This was, at the time, the start (or end!) of the non-primary A679.
The former A666 on Church Street in Blackburn a week before its closure in May 2001.
The original direction sign at Cardwell Place in 2001.
A long since removed ADS at Towns Moor in Blackburn, dating to 1970.
Hiltons Shoes 001.jpg
The A666 Church Street in Blackburn during the 1970s.
Blackburn Road 009.jpg
Blackburn Road, Darwen, in the 1970s.
Blackburn Road 017.jpg
Artists impression of the M65 flyover at Earcroft prior to construction.
Bolton Road 038.jpg
A666 looking north towards Darwen. The houses have since been demolished.
Church Street 056.jpg
A666 Church Street looking east to Salford Bridge shortly after completion of the Market in 1965.
Bolton Town Centre 1960s plan.png
1960s proposals for the central area of Bolton


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