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Lochside road, Creggans - Geograph - 1048424.jpg
Lochside road, Creggans
The modern junction at Dunoon Road End where the A815, Dunoon Road, meets the A83 a couple of miles east of Cairndow.
Looking west to the old Dunoon Road End junction. The right hand road is the former A83, while the east fork of the A815 drops to the left before doubling back down the hill when it meets the west fork.
The hairpin on the former A815 at Dunoon Road end, seen from the west fork of the junction. The old A83 sits at the top of the grassy bank to the left, with the new road beyond that.
In the foreground is the turning space at the hairpin on the former A815, above the retaining wall is the old A83, and above that is the back of a sign on the new A83!
Looking east from the western end of the old junction at Dunoon Road End. Behind me the road gets cut off by the embankment for the new A83. The left hand road in the photo is the old A83, the right hand one the old A815
Looking down on the hairpin where the two arms of the former A815 met from the A83 directly above a retaining wall!
The current A815 crossing of the Allt Kinglas at Dunoon Road End. Not really a bridge is it?
The old bridge across the Allt Kinglas at Dunoon Road End. Although techincally it is now an aqueduct.
The aqueduct that was once the A815 bridge across the Allt Kinglas
Marine Parade - Geograph - 1304383.jpg
Marine Parade
Eachaig Bridge - Geograph - 6307158.jpg
Eachaig Bridge Looking north over the bridge.
Eachaig Bridge - Geograph - 6307155.jpg
Eachaig Bridge The plaque on the downstream parapet is obscured by a water pipe.
Bridge over the River Eachaig - Geograph - 6307076.jpg
Bridge over the River Eachaig The bridge carries the A815 road over the river at Cot House garage.
Looking north along the A815 through Innellan on the Clyde Coast
Milepost on the former A815 above Port Lamont, marking ten miles from Dunoon
The A815 formerly extended to the coast at the bottom of this hill at Port Lamont
Junction on the A815 at Toward
The A815 heading north into Dunoon

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