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A83/Glen Croe
The A83 at Tarbet - Geograph - 1086762.jpg
The A83 at Tarbet
A83 near Tarbet - Coppermine - 4143.jpg
Frosty morning on A83 near Tarbet

An unsual scene, the hoar frost had formed on the lower trees and ground but not on the higher ground on the A83 a few miles west of Tarbet just before the climb to Rest and be Thankful

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Dec 02, 2005 by ian001
Looking east from the Rest and be Thankful down Glen Croe.
Traffic lights controlling the A83 east of the Rest and be Thankful where landslides have become a problem in recent years
The Hairpin on the old military road at the Rest and be Thankful
The old military road below the modern A83 at the Rest and be Thankful
The TOTSO junction between the A82 and A83 at Tarbet
Still Brae in Tarbet, formerly a connection between the A83 and A82
Wai 4976.jpg
A former section of A83 now running behind a MOD training centre, with the new A83 stretching off into the distance between Arrochar and Tarbet
Arrochar village and junction - Geograph - 526417.jpg
Arrochar village and junction
The troublesome section of the A83 on the ascent to the Rest and be Thankful. There are two major scars, with the left hand one featuring catch fencing and electronic signalling equipment to immediately close the road should a slip occur. Unfortunately, recent slips have been further east.
A very murky A83 heading west out of Succoth (Arrochar)
The old (right) and new (left) A83 weave up through Glen Croe, shrouded in mist
The old A83 forks right here over the hill, while the newer route keeps left, crossing the River Croe twice before rejoining the old road
The old A83 climbing over a hill in Glen Croe.
The newer route of the A83 in Glen Croe. As with the A82 in Glencoe, the road here appears to use part of the river bed, with a substantial retaining wall forcing the river into a narrower channel alongside.
The new and old A83 routes converge just west of this bridge over the River Croe - as can be seen!
Another section of abandoned old A83 in Glen Croe. The road in the foreground is a forestry road cutting across the old alignment.
The old road up to the Rest and be Thankful forks left here, while the modern A83 sweeps right to start the long ascent to the summit.
Rest & Be Thankful (A83) - Coppermine - 21890.JPG
Rest & Be Thankful (A83)

Me at the Rest & Be Thankful, 31st March 2009.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Apr 06, 2009 by haymansafc


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