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High Street in Wester Anstruther on the A917
Crail High Street on the A917
The Elie road junction - Geograph - 931195.jpg
The Elie road junction
The A917 heading round the coast
A917 short straight.jpg
A short straight section of the A917 between St.Andrews and Boarhills.
Welcome to St.Andrews.jpg
Entrance to St.Andrews from the south on the A917.
Old signage at St.Andrews.jpg
Old roadsign built into the wall on the junctions of the A917 Crail Road and the unclassified Grange Road on the south-eastern outskirts of St.Andrews. Place names are shown in the order they appear en-route on both roads. Only one mileage is shown.
Old signage at Brownhills.jpg
Old sign built into the wall at Brownhills on the junction of the A917 and B9131 south of St.Andrews. No miles are stated, just the places en-route on both roads leading to Crail and Pittenweem respectively.
St.Andrews Milestone.jpg
Milestone, a mile outside St.Andrews on the A917 road to Crail.
Milestone near St.Andrews.jpg
Milestone on the A917 at the entrance to the Castle Golf Course near St.Andrews.
A917 milestone.jpg
Milestone on the St.Andrews to Crail road, south of the entrance to the Fairmont St.Andrews Bay Hotel.
How many signs.jpg
A plethora of signposts at Brownhills, old and new, at the junctions of the B9131 and A917 south of St.Andrews.
A917 Milestone at Kingsbarns.jpg
Milestone with cast-iron cap on the south side of Kingsbarns (0 miles).
A917 Milestone south of Kingsbarns.jpg
Milestone with cast-iron cap on the A917 near the entrance to Kingsbarns Distillery.
A917 west of St Monans.jpg
The A917 heading towards Elie from just west of St Monans.
A917 Milestone in Crail.jpg
Refurbished milestone on Anstruther Road in Crail.
Waymarker near Crail.jpg
Waymarker at the junction of A917 and B940 roads outside Crail.
Kenley Bridge - Geograph - 1231833.jpg
Kenley Bridge Bridge carrying the A917 over the Kenley Water.
Last bridge over the Dreel - Geograph - 77976.jpg
Last bridge over the Dreel The Dreel meets the sea just past this bridge. The bridge joins Easter and Wester Anster and takes the A917 over the burn.
A917 Milestone, Pittenweem.jpg
Milestone with cast-iron cap, built into a wall in James Street, Pittenweem.
Old milepost type sign (with no miles) at the fork of the B940 and A917 north of Crail
Old milepost type sign (with no miles) and modern flag signs at the fork of the B940 and A917 north of Crail
A917 Milestone Kilrenny.jpeg
Typical Fife milestone with cast-iron cap on the A917 between Kilrenny and Cellardyke.
Waymarker Milestone at Upper Largo.jpeg
Cast-iron way marker milestone at the A915 TOTSO with the A917 in Upper Largo.

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