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A985 New Junction - Coppermine - 481.jpg
The new Junction on the A985

Here is the sign seen at the new A985 Junction at Kincardine. You notice that the A876 is renumbered A8765. This puts this sign a few years in the future.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Apr 09, 2005 by ABeaton
A977 - Geograph - 243717.jpg
A876 Upper Forth Crossing - Coppermine - 19930.jpg
A876 Upper Forth Crossing - Sign pointing to the new S2+1 link road for the Upper Forth Crossing, on the new A876/A977 roundabout after Kincardine
Road - Geograph - 92119.jpg
Road sign on the A977 - Geograph - 1897659.jpg
Road sign on the A977
Blairingone - Geograph - 137335.jpg
Road - Geograph - 243346.jpg
Road - Geograph - 319846.jpg
Road - Geograph - 205740.jpg
A977 - Geograph - 1545061.jpg
Roundabout - Geograph - 470816.jpg
A977 west of Kinross.jpg
The A977 looking westbound between Kinross and Crook of Devon.
A977 north of Kincardine.jpg
A977 looking southwards towards the outskirts of Kincardine.
Proposed Roundabout for the Upper Forth Crossing - Coppermine - 480.jpg
Proposed Roundabout for the Upper Forth Crossing - This is the proposed new roundabout for the A876. The A876 will use the new Upper Forth Crossing while the A985 uses the exising Kidcardine Bridge. This is the sign from my A876 Account

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