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Ascension Island
A road on Ascension Isle in the south Atlantic. At present, I have no idea what the name of the road or beach is, but it looks nicer than the rain here!
Road to Long Beach.jpg
The end of the road through Georgetown, Ascension, as it approaches Long Beach
Pothole in microasphalt.jpg
This Photo shows the construction of the 'Micro Asphalt' surfaces on Ascension Island.
Speed hump in Georgetown (2).jpg
Speed Hump in Georgetown, Ascension
Speed hump up close.jpg
Speed Hump in Georgetown, Ascension
Effects of power steering.jpg
The effects of Power Steering at the car park for Long Beach, Georgetown, Ascension.
Footway in Georgetown.jpg
Footway in Georgetown, Ascension
Footway in Georgetown (2).jpg
Another Footway in Georgetown, Ascension
No Entry.jpg
This is why there are 2 ways in, and one way out of Georgetown!
The road to NASA.jpg
The Road to NASA, it is there, honest; Ascension.
Edge deterioration.jpg
Edge Deterioration on an Asphalt road, Georgetown, Ascension

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