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B2065, Kent
The (Former) B2065's 'Lost Carriageway' - 1 - Coppermine - 4363.jpg
The (Former) B2065's 'Lost Carriageway' - 1 Once upon a time, this stretch of road was B2065, D2, and NSL. Now, 'tis unclassified, S2, and 40mph.
'Formerly B2065' - Coppermine - 4361.jpg
'Formerly B2065' This road used to be the B2065 until the early 1990's - as this, ahem, helpful signpost tells us.
One signpost, two fonts - (Former) B2065 - Coppermine - 4360.jpg
One signpost, two fonts - (Former) B2065 The other fingerposts have an older font on, but 'Folkestone' is there in the Transport font!
The (Former) B2065's "Lost Carriageway" - 2 - Coppermine - 4362.JPG
The (Former) B2065's 'Lost Carriageway' - 2

The 'lost carriageway' can be seen in greater detail in this photograph.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jan 05, 2006 by Gareth Thomas
Sign near Postling, Kent - Coppermine - 54.JPG
Sign near Postling, Kent

A real piece of history now. This sign is located at the T-junction of Cuckoo Lane with the Postling Wents to Lyminge lane. Note, that in spite of the number on the sign, this road was never actually part of the B2065 which jettisoned its number in the nineties.

OP Adam

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Mar 11, 2005 by M4Simon


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