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Muster Green South, Haywards Heath
Since autumn 2014 this has been the B2272 after the opening of the Haywards Heath bypass to the south that finally takes the busy 272 out of the town. The road itself predates the town and was the old medieval road from Cuckfield to the east which passed a former common called Muster Green the remnants of which have now become an open space on the right.
B2272 Junction Design.png
A view of the gyratory on the B2272 showing lanes and other pavement markings
Tylers's Green roundabout - Geograph - 21843.jpg
Tylers's Green roundabout A fairly new road layout to enable a possible Haywards Heath by-pass to be taken south of the town.
Sergisons Arms 1906.PNG
Sergisons Arms 1906
Butlers Green Road, Haywards Heath - Geograph - 4434647.jpg
Butlers Green Road, Haywards Heath Until last autumn this was the A272 but has now been redesigned the B2272 after the opening of the Haywards Heath relief road. To the immediate right is the junction with the old route of Isaac's Lane, former the A273, whilst developments are in the process of being built either side of the road. Beyond the hedge to the left will be Lucastes, see 4349966, whilst beyond the green fence to the right is 4408832. The cottages just in view beyond are 4408840.
Sussex Square 1914.PNG
Sussex Square in 1914


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