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The A41 crossed by the B4146.JPG
The junction between the A41, B4146 and an unclassified road, seen from the north of the junction looking south-east. (There are two junctions between these roads: this is the one in Acocks Green where the two roads cross, rather than the junction where the B4146 terminates.) At the bottom-left of the image is the northbound B4146 (going to the left), which fails to connect to the roundabout. The A41 is to the bottom-right, and (mostly hidden by traffic) to the top-right of the diagram. The westbound B4146 connects to the roundabout behind the shops at the right of the image, a little beyond the zebra crossing.
A typical stretch of the B4146.JPG
A typical stretch of the middle section of the B4146 Yardley Road in Birmingham.
An unusual junction on the B4146.jpg
An unusual junction layout on the B4146 (which runs left to right along the picture). This shows the typical standard of the road (an S2 that gets priority where it connects with unclassified roads, and often small islands where those roads join with it). The unclassified road to the top-left of the picture (Oxford Road) has a filter lane to connect to the unclassified road to the top-right (Station Road); turns from the B4146 itself use a separate sliproad seen at the right of the picture (with an unusual 'keep right' bollard). This layout only works because Station Road is one way.
The B4146 at its junction with the A4040 (near Swan Island).jpg
The north end of one section of the B4146 Yardley Road, near its connection with the A4040 (which is visible in the distance). At this point (going northbound), the B4146 multiplexes with the A4040 to the left. Visible in the distance on the right is an office block around Swan Island. The bus stops are for the number 11 bus: notable because this bus (advertised as the Outer Circle) spends most of its time on the A4040, but deviates onto the B4146 here. The B4146 can thus be seen as an 'alternative outer ring road' for Birmingham, in the areas where it exists.
Blue-bordered flag sign to the B4146 from the A4040.jpg
A blue-bordered flag sign on the A4040 at its roundabout with the B4146 Yardley Road (near Swan Island). The sign is unusual in that it has blue borders like a Local Direction Sign (all of which should have been removed by the end of 2014, making this sign illegal at the time in 2015 that this photo was taken), but has road numbers like a normal flag sign.
Flag sign to A4040 from A41.JPG
A flag sign pointing to the A4040 southbound from the A45 at Swan Island, listing the B4146 as one of the destinations. Despite having been downgraded when the A4040 was introduced, the B4146 is still important enough to be signed from very major roads.
"Ring Road" sign on the B4146.jpg
A sign on the B4146 that indicates it as a ring road. Birmingham once had three ring roads (the A4400, A4540, and A4040 from inside to outside); the A4400 no longer exists and the A4040 is no longer officially classified as a ring road. This sign implies that at some point, the ring road was directed down the B4146 (which meets the A4040 frequently).
B4146 meeting the A41.JPG
The B4146 as it approaches its crossing of the A41 southbound. The unusual shape of the Advance Direction Sign is a good illustration of the 'staggered roundabout' that exists at this junction
B4146-A41 roundabout, seen from the north.jpg
A view of the roundabout between the B4146 and the A41, seen from the north side.
B4146-A41 roundabout, seen from the south.jpg
A view of the roundabout between the B4146 and A41, seen from the south side.
B4146-A4040-B4217 junction, B4146 ADS.jpg
The layout of the junction between the B4146, A4040, and B4217, as shown on the Advance Direction Sign on the B4146
Junction between the B4146, A4040, and B4217.jpg
The junction between the B4146, A4040, and B4217, taken from the pedestrian refuge island in the middle of the B4146. The junction is mostly formed from a longabout, although a few movements (such as A4040 northbound to B4217 westbound) are instead catered for via the B4514 slightly to the south of the junction. The B4146 is behind the camera to the left; the A4040 runs top-left to bottom-right; and the B4217 can be seen stretching away from the camera in the distance.
The A435 seen from the B4146.jpg
The southern end of the B4146 (bottom-right of the picture), at its connection with the A435 (running left to right). The no-right-turn restriction prevents traffic (other than buses/taxis/cycles) from continuing onto the B4122. (As a bonus, an 11A Outer Circle bus can be seen about to turn onto the B4146; the B4146, A4040, and 11 bus route are all connected, with the 'A' meaning 'anticlockwise'.)
The B4146 Addison Road.JPG
The B4146's section along Addison Road. This section doesn't look much like a B road, and is unsigned.
The B4146 Brook Lane.JPG
The section of the B4146 along Brook Lane.
The B4146 cannoning off the A4040.jpg
The roundabout where the B4146 cannons off the A4040. The A4040 to the east is shown in the bottom-right of the picture; the unsigned section of the B4146 is at the top of the picture, the signed section of the B4146 is to the right, and the A4040 westbound is out of view but would be to the left of the picture. The picture was taken from a splitter island on the A4040.
Signing for the cannon between the B4146 and A4040.JPG
An Advance Direction Sign for the roundabout where the B4146 cannons off the A4040 (as seen from the A4040 south of the junction). Note the stub on the left of the diagram, which is the unsigned section of the B4146; and that the destinations signed for the B4146 actually occur later on the road than the A4040 rejoining it! Because the destinations signed on the A4040 could not efficiently be reached via the B4146, this leads to an interesting situation in which traffic which could use either the A4040 or B4146 is encouraged to use the B-road, with the A-road being used only for destinations that could not be reached via the bypass.
The B4146 Coldbath Road.JPG
The section of the B4146 along Coldbath Road. Apart from the HGV route through Tyseley, this is the only section that the number 11 bus route avoids.
The B4146 crossing the River Cole.jpg
The bridge that carries the B4146 over the River Cole, looking eastbound. (Sarehole Mill is slightly to the left of the picture, but not particularly visible from the road.)
The B4146 joining the A4040 in Hall Green.jpg
The junction between the A4040 (seen bottom left to top right) and the B4146 (bottom right) in Hall Green. (Normally I don't mention where junctions are, but there are so many junctions between the A4040 and B4146 that some method's needed to disambiguate them). To the bottom-left of the image is a multiplex between the two roads.
The B4146 Wharfdale Road.jpg
The B4146 along Wharfdale Road in Tyseley. This section acts as an 'Alternative route for H.G.V.s'.
The B4146 meeting the A4040 in Tyseley.jpg
The B4146 'ending on' (technically, starting to multiplex with) the A4040 in Tyseley. The A4040 runs bottom-left to top-right up a noticeably steep gradient (which is hopefully visible in the picture). The B4146 is signed as '(A4040) Alternative Route for H.G.V.s', and gives a gentler route to the same place along the B4146 and A41.


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