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B4146-A4040-B4217 junction, B4146 ADS.jpg
The layout of the junction between the B4146, A4040, and B4217, as shown on the Advance Direction Sign on the B4146
Junction between the A4040 and B4514.jpg
The junction between the A4040 and B4514, as seen from the north looking south-east. The B4514 eastbound is in the far right of the picture; the A4040 southbound is in the far left. Behind the camera to the right is a stretch of road that's inconsistently signed as the B4514 and as a spur of the B4217, providing the missing movements for the junction between the B4146, B4217, and A4040.
West end of Olton Boulevard East.jpg
A photo of the west end of Olton Boulevard East, looking west. The south carriageway (on the left of the picture) is the B4514; the north carriageway (on the right of the picture) is unclassified. The A4040 is barely visible in the distance; the B4217 is technically in view, but so far away that only a few pixels on the image depict it.
Edgbaston Road
Wake Green Rd - Geograph - 2645560.jpg
The B4217 in Moseley


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