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Bridge tolls - Geograph - 1480749.jpg
Bridge tolls
The toll booth - Geograph - 1480740.jpg
The toll booth
Pay up - Coppermine - 20403.jpg
Pay up - 20p toll over the Thames on the B471, near Pangbourne.
Over the Thames - Coppermine - 20402.jpg
Over the Thames - er, over the River Thames.
Whitchurch-on-Thames from just beyond the toll bridge - Geograph - 1720998.jpg
Whitchurch-on-Thames from just beyond the toll bridge
Toll booth, Whitchurch-on-Thames, Berkshire - Geograph - 1720995.jpg
Toll booth, Whitchurch-on-Thames, Berkshire
The toll booth is on the north side of the bridge.
Road leading to Whitchurch Bridge, Berkshire - Geograph - 1720970.jpg
Road leading to Whitchurch Bridge, Berkshire
Heading towards the toll bridge from Pangbourne.
Tolls to be taken - Geograph - 1480730.jpg
Tolls to be taken
An old list of tolls which were taken at the toll house. Don't know from what date this is but I see no farthings mentioned so even then it was expensive which is what people going across now think as well.
Toll house by the road - Geograph - 1480723.jpg
Toll house by the road
The white building is the old toll house though the tolls are now collected from the booth just past it.
Toll ahead - Geograph - 1480640.jpg
Toll ahead
I think this is the only other toll along the Thames that is still in operation and in private hands, the other is at Eynsham.
Whitchurch bridge - Geograph - 1480610.jpg
Whitchurch bridge
Takes you over the Thames to Whitchurch.
Whitchurch toll bridge seen from the mill race - Geograph - 950866.jpg
Whitchurch toll bridge seen from the mill race
Whitchurch toll bridge - Geograph - 924807.jpg
Whitchurch toll bridge
View from the Berkshire side, on Pangbourne Meadows.
Whitchurch toll bridge - Geograph - 923715.jpg
Whitchurch toll bridge
This is one of only two toll bridges remaining across the Thames, the other being at Eynsham. The bridge is owned by The Company of Proprietors of Whitchurch Bridge, which is a private Company established by the Whitchurch Bridge Acts of 1792 and 1988. The company is obliged to maintain a crossing here, and is empowered to raise tolls to do so, in perpetuity.

Tolls are collected, technically at any time but usually from 7am to 9pm at the toll house here at the northern end of the bridge. The toll for a car is now 20p, but the three increases I can remember have gone from 2p to 6p to 10p to 20p in about 10 years. However, increased tolls will be necessary to carry out the plan to reconstruct the bridge in 2013.

There is a very interesting website here <a title='' rel='nofollow' href=''>Link</a><img style='padding-left:2px;' alt='External link' title='External link - shift click to open in new window' src='' width='10' height='10'/>
Whitchurch toll bridge - Geograph - 923705.jpg
Whitchurch toll bridge
The northern section of the bridge from across the mill stream near St. Mary's church.
Whitchurch Bridge, River Thames - Geograph - 509397.jpg
Whitchurch Bridge, River Thames
The River Thames was fordable at this pint for many years, but after the construction of a pound lock in 1787 this was no longer the case, and the first bridge was built by private subscription, opening in 1793. It was replaced in 1852 after it failed, and again by the present iron structure in 1901. It remains as one of only two toll bridges over the non-tidal Thames, and, wisely, money from the tolls is set aside each year for possible rebuilding when needed.
Whitchurch-on-Thames- Toll Bridge - Geograph - 2348.jpg
Whitchurch-on-Thames- Toll Bridge
This toll bridge has been in operation since 1782 although this is the third construction of the bridge. It is situated in the top of the grid square.
Approaching Whitchurch - Geograph - 1386214.jpg
Approaching Whitchurch
It is not clear from the picture that the footpath is much higher than the road, which is quite a steep hill downwards. The road narrows where that car is approaching, with just a single car-width and very narrow pavement between the first buildings of Whitchurch. The Thames path goes off on that track to the right.
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