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The B478, Sonning Eye - Geograph - 763866.jpg
The B478, Sonning Eye
The River Thames, Sonning - Geograph - 578606.jpg
The River Thames, Sonning
Charvil Lane - Geograph - 67807.jpg
Charvil Lane
Charvil Lane, on the way to Sonning.
The B478, Sonning Eye - Geograph - 509757.jpg
The B478, Sonning Eye
Some minor flooding was affecting the road at various points as it crosses the floodplain between Sonning and Playhatch. Most traffic went through at a more sedate pace <a title='' rel='nofollow' href=''>Link</a><img style='padding-left:2px;' alt='External link' title='External link - shift click to open in new window' src='' width='10' height='10'/> .
Sonning Bridge - Geograph - 657810.jpg
Sonning Bridge
Looking upstream from the Oxfordshire side. The water level can be seen to be considerably lower than this summer version: <a href=''>SU7575 : Sonning Bridge</a>.
Sonning Bridge - Geograph - 558988.jpg
Sonning Bridge
The boat is moored on the Oxfordshire bank. The bridge has ten brick arches some half-hidden by undergrowth.
Sonning Bridge - Geograph - 510496.jpg
Sonning Bridge
Taken just a short distance along the towpath towards Shiplake. Further progress was not possible due to the depth of water.
The River Thames, Sonning - Geograph - 497760.jpg
The River Thames, Sonning
This is the downstream side of the bridge where the waters of two channels of the river meet. The white building is the Great House (formerly the White Hart) hotel and restaurant.
Sonning Bridge - Geograph - 272684.jpg
Sonning Bridge
Looking upstream from the Berkshire bank.
River Thames - Sonning Bridge - Geograph - 97274.jpg
River Thames - Sonning Bridge


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