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Rocky cutting on the B8011 - Geograph - 509893.jpg
Rocky cutting on the B8011
The reconstructed B8011 in West Lewis has been built through the landscape with cuttings and embankments, unlike the old road which was laid over the landscape. The new road encourages rapid progress, but drivers should beware of sheep and red deer.
2006-07-09 2050.jpg
Southbound through Carishader in the district of Uig
2006-07-09 2001.jpg
The roadsign at the end of B8011 into Uig, at Timsgarry.
2006-07-09 1956.jpg
The dramatic scenery in Glen Valtos between Miavaig and Timsgarry
2006-07-09 1405.jpg
A long straight stretch between the Bernera Junction and Kinlochroag
The Enaclete by-pass on the road into Uig
Bridge over the Abhainn Ghriomarstaidh - Geograph - 1522893.jpg
Bridge over the Abhainn Ghriomarstaidh
Abhainn Ghriomarstaidh (Grimersta River) - Geograph - 2427925.jpg
Abhainn Ghriomarstaidh (Grimersta River) Looking downstream from the new bridge which carries the B8011 over the river. The next bridge is the private access to Griomarstadh House and jetty.
The Old Bridge - Geograph - 1241011.jpg
The Old Bridge This is the old bridge at Kinlochroag which sits over the Morsgail River. Until the 1990's this road was the only link from Garynahine and the main part of Lewis, to places like Uig, Brenais and many more small villages. Over the ridge to the left is a new bridge with a dual track road. The old croft house was refurbished around the same time and is now a holiday let called 'Hawthorne Cottage'.

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