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"Road narrows" sign, Banbridge - Geograph - 2160620.jpg
'Road narrows' sign, Banbridge
Direction signs, Banbridge - Geograph - 2160206.jpg
Direction signs, Banbridge
The Lisnafiffy Road near Banbridge - Geograph - 265013.jpg
The Lisnafiffy Road near Banbridge
The Cut - Geograph - 190941.jpg
The Cut in Banbridge

The Banbridge bypass (6) - Geograph - 989470.jpg
The Banbridge bypass This one (from the Castlewellan Road flyover) shows the road under construction.
The Banbridge bypass (5) - Geograph - 628479.jpg
The Banbridge bypassThis is the road during its period as a single carriageway (seen from the Castlewellan Road bridge). The Rathfriland Road can be seen crossing “at grade” in the distance. It has now been replaced by a flyover (sometimes known as the “Creamery Bridge”). The second carriageway was added in 1988.
Flyover under construction, Banbridge bypass - Geograph - 183986.jpg
Flyover under construction, Banbridge bypass The Banbridge bypass on the Belfast-Dublin road was conceived in the mid 70’s. The land was acquired for a dual carriageway but it was built as a single carriageway opening in 1979. Many northbound drivers were confused and (thinking that they were on a dual carriageway) mistook the wide verge for the southbound carriageway overtaking with fatal results. Despite planting on the verge and oversize “two-way traffic” signs there were still numerous accidents. The additional carriageway was added in 1988. This flyover is under construction at the southern end and another is planned for the northern end.
Banbridge bypass, Belfast-Dublin road (3) - Geograph - 260486.jpg
Banbridge bypass, Belfast-Dublin road (3) This is the road (looking towards Newry), from the Castlewellan Road bridge, on a Sunday morning. The seasonal mist had still to clear.
The Banbridge bypass (7) - Geograph - 1128179.jpg
The Banbridge bypass (7) This view shows the staggered crossroads where it crossed the Banbridge – Rathfriland road. The bypass is now dualled and the “at grade” junction replaced by a flyover The view is towards Newry and Dublin. The suburban sprawl had still to take place as the town spread east towards the road. (Note: the Rathfriland Road remains on the original alignment but the flyover is on a different line).
The Banbridge bypass (1980) - Geograph - 3250274.jpg
The Banbridge bypass (1980) The Banbridge bypass, looking towards Belfast and the Castlewellan Road. This shows the road as built as a single carriageway but with the land take for later dualling.
Lindsay's Bridge, Banbridge (4) - Geograph - 989156.jpg
Lindsay's Bridge, Banbridge (4) This is the previous bridge, looking along the Ballydown Road towards the Castlewellan Road. This one was much narrower than the present version and could only accommodate one vehicle at a time.
The Bann in flood (3) - Geograph - 926194.jpg
The Bann in flood (3) Not much room to spare under Lindsay’s Bridge
The Burn Hill, Banbridge (1) - Geograph - 1597669.jpg
The Burn Hill, Banbridge (1) The Burn Hill seen from the Newry Road. The Baptist church was still standing (right) before demolition to make way for the new road to Kenlis Street.
The Burn Hill, Banbridge (2) - Geograph - 1597679.jpg
The Burn Hill, Banbridge (2) The view along the (then) new part of the Commercial Road with the new and old Baptist churches at middle and right.
The Cut, Banbridge (2) - Geograph - 877689.jpg
The Cut, Banbridge (2) There were four poplar trees, one at each end of The Cut wall. They were diseased and had just been felled. The only trace left was the sawdust and some leaves seen in the middle of the picture.
The Banbridge bypass (1981) - Geograph - 3769155.jpg
The Banbridge bypass (1981) The Banbridge bypass, looking towards Belfast from the Bannview Road bridge, when the road was closed for resurfacing. The practice has now changed but, at the time, new roads received a final surface – usually about two years after opening.
The 'Cut', Banbridge - Flickr - 50381944863.jpg
The 'Cut', Newry street, Banbridge, Co. Down. Ref: D4069/6/1

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