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A33 entering Basingstoke.jpg
Entering Basingstoke on the A33.
A3010 trumpet.jpg
The A3010 heading eastbound, approaching the A339 trumpet. AA headquarters on the left.
A3010 Festival Place.jpg
The A3010 in Basingstoke.
A3010 Basingstoke.jpg
The A3010 in Basingstoke.
A339 heading towards Basingstoke - Geograph - 781092.jpg
A339 heading towards Basingstoke
View from the middle - Geograph - 781098.jpg
View from the middle
Passing under the M3 (A339) - Geograph - 818000.jpg
Passing under the M3 (A339)
Heading into Basingstoke - A339 - Geograph - 781039.jpg
Heading into Basingstoke - A339
The A339 and M3, Basingstoke - Geograph - 173835.jpg
The A339 and M3, Basingstoke
Leaving Basingstoke - Geograph - 1650204.jpg
Leaving Basingstoke
An empty A30 - Geograph - 1650196.jpg
An empty A30
Rush hour in Basingstoke - Geograph - 1649439.jpg
Rush hour in Basingstoke
Basingstoke ring road - Geograph - 1688582.jpg
Basingstoke ring road
A33 - heading north out of Basingstoke - Geograph - 1686667.jpg
A33 - heading north out of Basingstoke
Ringway West - Geograph - 1761957.jpg
Ringway West
Heading north, view from Brunnel Road.
Hatch Warren Roundabout - Geograph - 18603.jpg
Hatch Warren Roundabout
A roundabout on the A30, designed by the kids from the local primary school at Kempshott!
Plans for the redevelopment of Basingstoke roads as part of the London Overspill, as it was called then.
Early plans for the M3 J6 and Black Dam
Hants - Coppermine - 10312.jpg

Taken from 1982 Collins Atlas of Britain. Part of the M3 shown as under construction to Winchester, and the middle bit of the M27. The remodelling of the A33 to M3 was to come much later. A303 shown as being dualled east of Bullington, with A30 following its original course. Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Feb 18, 2007 by BobSykes

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Sept 1969 - Coppermine - 19376.jpg
Sept 1969

Relief for Andover, the first major A303 bypass and also, part of Basingstoke. None of the A339 junctions were GSJ at this stage.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Aug 04, 2008 by SteveA30
M3, September 1966 - Coppermine - 19282.jpg
M3, September 1966

The M3 inquiry continues.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jul 30, 2008 by SteveA30
M3, December 1964 - Coppermine - 19153.jpg
M3, December 1964

Plans are being made for the similarly slow run from London to the West and Southampton.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jul 22, 2008 by SteveA30
Northern end of Essex Road
Winchester Road - Geograph - 723111.jpg
Winchester Road The A30 heading towards the town centre, approaching the Brighton Hill roundabout.
Ringway West, Worting Road Bridge - Geograph - 4159369.jpg
Ringway West, Worting Road Bridge The A340 starts at the Winchester Road Roundabout, which is at the south western corner of Basingstoke's ring road. This first section is dual carriageway and forms the western section of the Basingstoke ring road (Ringway West).
Basingstoke ring road - Geograph - 2452983.jpg
Basingstoke ring road The truck has just left the large Houndmills distribution depot.
Basingstoke, Ringway East - Footbridge near Black Dam Roundabout - Geograph - 4152618.jpg
Basingstoke, Ringway East - Footbridge near Black Dam Roundabout
A30 to Old Basing - Geograph - 1182314.jpg
A30 to Old Basing Turning coming off the Black Dam roundabout.
Black Dam opening.jpg
An aerial view of the Black Dam Roundabout, shortly before the M3 spur opened. Note the ring road is not finished.
My proposal for a new Basingstoke Ringway West
Churchill Way West Roundabout.jpg
The roundabout on Churchill Way West in 1973.
Reading Road Roundabout 1973.jpg
Reading Road Roundabout, pictured in 1973, showing the missing underpass and temporary single carriageway road.
Aldermaston Roundabout 1973.jpg
Aldermaston Roundabout, pictured in 1973, showing the missing underpass and temporary single carriageway road.
Churchill Way East roundabout.jpg
The original layout of Churchill Way East, pictured in 1973.
Ringway North Roundabout 1973.jpg
The temporary roundabout at Ringway North, pictured in 1973.

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