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Butterfly Signs
Start of the A38 Rubery Flyover - Geograph - 1148338.jpg
Start of the A38 Rubery Flyover
Hagley Road & Five Ways Island - Geograph - 408313.jpg
Hagley Road & Five Ways Island
Approaching Queensway Tunnel, Southbound - Geograph - 1291195.jpg
Approaching Queensway Tunnel, Southbound
Leicester Away Day 105 - Coppermine - 2000.jpg
Leicester Away Day 105 - Southgates Underpass in the city centre on the Central Ring. Posted by Bryn-A666 on 10/18/2004
Black Country Route View - Geograph - 1680355.jpg
Black Country Route View
M62 junction 27 - Coppermine - 6814.jpg
M62 junction 27 Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jul 20, 2006 by bealach na ba
Butterfly sign at SE233278 : M62 Junction 27 (Gildersome) : view direction ENE
Butterfly sign at SO993775 : A38 Rubery : view direction W
M9 South 7 - Coppermine - 17375.JPG
M9 South 7

End of Carlow bypass

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Mar 24, 2008 by JBK
M9 split - Coppermine - 10134.jpg
M7/M9 split

Note the butterfly gantry and the half-dozen destinations listed at the gore. Not sure how you're supposed to read these signs until you're almost upon them, by which time it's too late to decide to change lanes!

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Feb 04, 2007 by csd
19 N15 Bundoran - Coppermine - 6573.jpg
19 N15 Bundoran

Just south of Bundoran, the newly-opened S2 bypass starts at this roundabout. Bundoran and Ballyshannon were once major bottlenecks on the N15.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jun 26, 2006 by csd
The Westlink, Belfast (4) - Geograph - 1582779.jpg
The Westlink, Belfast (4)
See <a href=''>J3374 : The Westlink, Belfast (3)</a>. The view towards the M2 and Clifton Street from the flyover at Peter�s Hill. Note the absence of goods vehicles on a Sunday morning. The northbound carriageway (left) was closed from Divis Street. Continue to <a href=''>J3373 : The Westlink, Belfast (5)</a>.
Motorways diverge, County Kildare - Geograph - 1835983.jpg
Motorways diverge, County Kildare
A583 looking towards Preston with old style butterfly sign
A12 Westlink - Coppermine - 20059.JPG
A12 Westlink

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Sep 14, 2008 by murphaph

This sign was replaced between 2011 and 2012 and now directs people to the City Centre (Clifton Street) and Mater Hospital. Between 2014 and 2015 a brown sign to Crumlin Road Gaol was added above.
Butterfly m8.jpg
Backlit butterfly sign with motorway warning lights at M8 junction 25
A5085 Split - Coppermine - 6281.jpg
A583/A5085 Split

Butterfly sign at Riversway Docklands in Preston.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jun 07, 2006 by Bryn666
A454 Cantilever sign - Coppermine - 1946.jpg
A454 Cantilever sign

We should have these at motorway gore perhaps, instead of the piddily gore signs. This is the only signage for this junction however (it's on the A454 near the M6)

Posted by 404simon on 4/25/2004
M9 Spur turn-off - Coppermine - 477.jpg
M9 Spur turn-off

Westbound on the M7, this is where the M9 spur towards Carlow and Waterford branches off.

Shame the visibility also branched off...

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Apr 08, 2005 by antster1983
M4-M6 junction butterfly.jpg
The M4 and M6 split, taken ten years after this scene.
Junction 65, A1(M) - Geograph - 2578413.jpg
Butterfly sign at Birtley Interchange
Emerging From Queensway Tunnel, A38 Southbound - Geograph - 1291352.jpg
Emerging From Queensway Tunnel, A38 Southbound
M53 Eastham butterfly sign.jpg
The exit at M53 J6, with a 'butterfly' sign that was later removed.

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