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C27 (Angus)
Above Glen Prosen.jpg
The C27 road heading north-westwards before dropping down into Glen Prosen. The blunt cone of Mayer in the distance stands at the head of the glen.
Downhill to Lednathie.jpg
Steep downhill section of road heading south to Lednathie.
C27 at Dodavoe.jpg
The C27 at the entrance to Dodavoe in Glen Prosen. Despite heading down the glen, the road climbs above the river at this point.
Steep hill on the way to Glen Prosen.jpg
Uphill section of the road as it climbs over the shoulder of the lower Grampians before dropping into Glen Prosen.
C27 heading for the Braes of Angus.jpg
Having crossed over between Castle Hill and Meams Hill, the road heads into the valley of the Quharity before heading into the Braes of Angus in the distance.
Crossroads with the C25 near Pearsie.jpg
The C27 cutting through the C25 in a wooded area near Pearsie.
C27 termination.jpg
The road end of the C27 in Glen Prosen.
Bridge over the Prosen Water.jpg
The bridge over the Prosen Water near the end of the road at Glenprosen Lodge.
Heading up Glen Prosen.jpg
Narrow, fenceless part of the road heading through a wooded hillside.


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