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C62 Inverclyde gallery.

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C62 (Inverclyde)
C62 The road to Gourock - Geograph - 996815.jpg
Cumberland Road becomes Larkfield Road at this point. Earnhill Road is to the left.
C62 Cumberland Road - Geograph - 5169700.jpg
Cumberland Road at the Greenock/Gourock boundary.
C62 Cumberland Road - Geograph - 2916761.jpg
New houses under construction on the site of old ones at Cumberland Road in 2012.
C62 Cumberland Road - Geograph - 466219.jpg
Cumberland Road in 2007, looking towards the soon to be demolished Cumberland Court with Branchton housing scheme and the communications mast on Scroggy Bank beyond.
C62 Cumberland Road - Geograph - 487012.jpg
Cumberland Road is to the right of the tower block. Vviewed from Greenock Cut. Ravenscraig Stadium is prominent.
C62 Inverclyde Academy - Geograph - 1089387.jpg
This late 2008 view shows the recently changed road layout, including relocation of the bus lay-by and the addition of traffic lights at the junction of the A78 Inverkip Road and C62 Cumberland Road (0n the right).
C62 Larkfield Road - Geograph - 355227.jpg
Larkfield Road has a 12% gradient at this point. The River Clyde and Rosneath Peninsula can be seen beyond. Note the TV transmitter at Rosneath.
C62 Larkfield Road - Geograph - 4298677.jpg
George Road playing field is behind the fence.
C62 Larkfield Road - Geograph - 4063750.jpg
The exceptionally steep Hilltop Road is on the left.
C62 Hilltop Road - Geograph - 4298642.jpg
Looking down the very steep hill to the C62 Larkfiled Road/George Road junction.
62 Larkfield road - Geograph - 4302715.jpg
The 'channelised junction' where the C62 Larkfield Road meets the A770.
C62 Gourock's channelised junction - Geograph - 3815948.jpg
Where the A770 Chapel Street/Cardwell Road meets the C62 Larkfield Road (curving up and away to the right) and the C63 Broomberry Drive (foreground). A small roundabout stood here until the 1970s.
C62 Site of Inverclyde Academy - Geograph - 372395.jpg
A 2007 view from the A78 footbridge at Branchton railway station. Showing the C62 Cumberland Road junction before remodelling related to the construction of the new school in the background.
C63 Broomberry Drive - Geograph - 3815946.jpg
The walled garden at Darroch park is on the right. The infamous channelised junction at the foot of C62 Larkfield Road is in the distance.


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