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Gallery for the C80 (Inverclyde), Newark Street & Union Street.

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C80 (Inverclyde)
Lyle Road 3.jpg
Looking across Newark Street to the northern end of Lyle Road at the A770 Eldon Street.
C81 (Inverclyde) Fort Matilda railway bridge - Geograph - 3095586.jpg
Just west of Fort Matilda railway station. A Class 380 train is arriving from Gourock. The bridge crosses the C81 Lyle Road. The crossroads is with the C80 Newark Street. Viewed from the top of Lyle Road.
C80 (Inverclyde) Kilblain Street- Geograph - 6440825.jpg
Kilblain Street has been much modified in recent years since the creation of Greenock Bus Station. This is the view from the bus station towards George Square, to the right of the former St George's Church.
C80 (Inverclyde) Union Street - Geograph - 2753572.jpg
On George Square, viewed from Union Street. The C80 continues on Kilblain Street, which is to the left of the church.
C80 (Inverclyde) Kilblain Street - Geograph - 2400049.jpg
Greenock Bus Station is to the left. The tower is on the former St George's North Church at George Square. There is now no access from Kilblain Street to the A78 roundabout, which is behind the camera.
C80 (Inverclyde) Union Street - Geograph - 3718359.jpg
Looking towards George Square. The bridge over the disused Princes Pier railway line is at the railings in the foreground.
C80 (Inverclyde) Union Street - Geograph - 5486130.jpg
View east towards George Square.
C80 (Inverclyde) The Tontine Hotel - Geograph - 5792153.jpg
At the Tontine Hotel at Ardgowan Square.
C80 (Inverclyde) Railway bridge on Union Street - Geograph - 1165680.jpg
Looking east along the north side of the bridge which crosses the disused Princes Pier line as it emerges from the tunnel from South Street. The road has been narrowed at the bridge to reduce the load on the bridge which has a 20t limit.
C80 (Inverclyde) Newark Street - Geograph - 2999413.jpg
Looking west from the Madeira Street junction.
C80 (Inverclyde) Newark Street at Greenock Academy - Geograph - 3582796.jpg
The now demolished Greenock Academy building is on the left.
C80 (Inverclyde) Newark Street - Geograph - 5188608.jpg
Looking east near the Mariners Home.
C80 (Inverclyde) Newark Street - Geograph - 3772790.jpg
Showing the rear of houses on the A770, Eldon Street. C81, Lyle Road crosses in the foreground.
C80 (Inverclyde) Newark Street - Geograph - 559611.jpg
A one way section at the junction with the A770, Eldon Street.
C80 (Inverclyde) The Old Toll House - Geograph - 5188600.jpg
The building, located at the sharp end of a wedge of housing between the A770, Eldon Street (left) and the C80, Newark Street. It dates from the early nineteenth century, and marked the boundary between Gourock (near side) and Greenock.


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