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Clackmannanshire Bridge
A985 New Junction - Coppermine - 481.jpg
The new Junction on the A985

Here is the sign seen at the new A985 Junction at Kincardine. You notice that the A876 is renumbered A8765. This puts this sign a few years in the future.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Apr 09, 2005 by ABeaton
Clackmannanshire Bridge Works - Geograph - 1274043.jpg
Clackmannanshire Bridge Works
A876 Upper Forth Crossing - Coppermine - 19930.jpg
A876 Upper Forth Crossing - Sign pointing to the new S2+1 link road for the Upper Forth Crossing, on the new A876/A977 roundabout after Kincardine
A876 Clackmannanshire Bridge - Coppermine - 20846.jpg
new bridge south bound Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Nov 25, 2008 by Gav
Clackmannanshire bridge - Coppermine - 20841.jpg
Clackmannanshire bridge approach north bound Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Nov 25, 2008 by Gav
Clackmannanshire Bridge - Coppermine - 20840.jpg
Clackmannanshire Bridge north bound Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Nov 25, 2008 by Gav
Clackmannanshire Bridge - Northern End - Geograph - 1717247.jpg
Clackmannanshire Bridge - Northern End
Clackmannanshire Bridge Signage - Geograph - 1717106.jpg
Clackmannanshire Bridge Signage
Clackmannanshire Bridge - Geograph - 1717058.jpg
Clackmannanshire Bridge
Scottish motorways and other things - Coppermine - 6936.PNG
scottish motorways and other things

hints bypass, Newport southern bypass motorway, M8, M74, M80, Upper Forth Crossing and M9 spur extension out of the 2007 AtoZ GB Atlas Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jul 26, 2006 by sabristo simon

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New accommodation bridge carrying minor road across approach road to Clackmannanshire Bridge
The A876 new approach road to the Clackmannanshire Bridge
Looking out across the Clackmannanshire Bridge, showing the changeover in the S2+1 sections.
Coming off the A876 Clackmannanshire Bridge towards the Higgins Neuk roundabout
Expansion joint at the Grangemouth end of the Clackmannanshire Bridge
The underside of the Clackmannanshire Bridge from the cycle path
The A876 Clackmannanshire Bridge from the Kincardine Bridge
Proposed Roundabout for the Upper Forth Crossing - Coppermine - 480.jpg
Proposed Roundabout for the Upper Forth Crossing - This is the proposed new roundabout for the A876. The A876 will use the new Upper Forth Crossing while the A985 uses the exising Kidcardine Bridge. This is the sign from my A876 Account

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