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Cumbernauld Road Interchange
M8 at Junction 12 - Geograph - 2933576.jpg
M8 at Junction 12 Overhead sign gantry and the slip road from the M8 to the A80 at junction 12.

Note the typical ???Glasgow-type??? sign gantry with the following distinctive elements: ??? Near and offside support legs (basically 2 rectangular hollow sections with base plates to allow connections to the foundations) ??? A Main Frame (made up of rectangular hollow sections) - Over clad on the front and rear. ??? A Sub Frame (made up of smaller hollow sections and welded to main frame). ??? A Sign Face - acrylic sheets hung from the front of the sub frame over its full height. ??? Internal Electrics - sign lighting provided through the use of several dozen fluorescent battens.

Gantries of this type were first erected as part of the construction of the Kingston Bridge and its approach roads in 1970 and they are now a familiar sight on the network around Glasgow.


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